Friday, March 9, 2012

Aria Cucina Italiana, Boracay

Its been a really hot day at the beach and Abby and I got really hungry from the long walks at the beach side. We decided to have lunch at the D'Mall and we saw this really nice authentic Italian restaurant called Aria. The two of us are like on a food mission - try different food flavors from different countries. Lastnight, we ate at Mesa and tried their BBQ plate, which is think a Filipino style of cooking. Now, we wanted something Italian. Thisi is one of the reasons our feet led us at Aria because they serve really good Italian food.  

I remembered Father Luciano. He said, the best partner for pizza is beer! So be it! The pizza is on its way and the beer is already served. Cant hardly wait! The glass is really nice. It has this, twisted design, making you feel like drinking already without actually sipping any alcohol yet..

This is the Aria Pizza that we ordered. It smells so good! This is Aria's bestseller and no doubt, this is one of the best pizza I ever tasted!  

We also ordered some pasta. This is their sea food pasta. I love the taste of this one. The shrimps and the squid is really good. This is a must try as well. 

Aria gets a lot of Raves from the people who visit this place. Its actually a landmark of one of the best place to dine in. According to reviews (that i just read now), their foccacia bread is the best in the island. Unfortnately we havent tried that one out. Maybe next time once we visit Boracay again. 

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