Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mango Torte @ Dulcelin Gourmet

I never tasted a cake like this ever! Its just so good. This is probably one of those cakes were mangoes are heroes! This is so good that im sure you will love it too. This Mango Torte is definitely one of my favorites next to Contis' Mango Bravo =).

The crust is kinda crunchy and its made with crispy-chewy nougatine, golden mangoes and cream. It also has cashew nuts inside. Best thing bout this is its not that sweet. This is a winner. Im sure you will love it. Best with coffee! :)

Thanks to sir Miko for all the help and for their warm hospitality. Appreciate all the helping hand specially for the people who held the lights, and the reflectors.. hehe. Its a one man shoot and i really need an extra guy assisting me with my gear. Im glad everything went well. The scheduled photoshoot was at the hype of President Noynoy's State of the Nation Address and i was worried, traffic would delay everthing. Good thing, EDSA was clear since all of the vehicles are stucked at Commonwealth.

Im so happy I arrived 5 mins early! I still have time to use day light which is my favorite light source when doing food photography. Makes it more natural. Anyway, this deal will be on Ensogo.com.ph probably next week. Please do watch out for it. Cake costs around P600 and thru Ensogo, you will get it at 50% off. Not bad for a cake that is so good. So please do watch out for it and for more great deals at ensogo.com.ph

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