Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mann Hann's Taipao

Mann Hann's Taipao
It been a while since i blogged.. probably because of the things that happened to me recently. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally wrecked this pass few weeks and I dont know what to do but drown myself with work. Work tremendously on weekdays and now.. work on weekends. Good thing about my job is i love doing it. Somehow, this is the only one that makes me happy... anyways., sorry for ranting. I just have to let that out. 

I went to this birthday party at Mann Hann over at San Juan. I was really early and very hungry. I was anxious on what to order and just decided to order some Siopao. The waiter suggested to order one of their best sellers - The Taipao. 

I tell you this siopao is big! They sliced it in fours so its easier to eat. By the way, this thing took a while to arrive to my table. I was so hungry i could eat a horse! Grabbed my first bite and damn it was so delicious.  

I ordered my favorite asado siopao. Its loaded with Salted Egg and a lot of meat. It was tremendously good i didnt mind how big it was. Good thing I was really hungry coz if im not, i couldnt have finished the whole thing. 

Next time you dropped by Mann Hann, try their Taipao.., its awesome in size, awesome in taste!

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