Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ilocos Empanada

Tuesday! I was so excited to go to work today because of one appetizing reason, today is photoshoot day and I am about to embark on another journey to great places and good eats. Along with my officemates, Gary and Aaron, we went to Katipunan Avenue right in front of The Ateneo and visited a place called - Ilocos Empanada.

From the name itself, Ilocos Empanada serves fresh, deep-fried Ilocos empanadas right off the pan! With its original Ilocos recipe, these empanadas are to die for. Served with an original Ilocos vinegar, these empanadas are perfect if you wanna have a quick bite yet heavy on the tummy!

Stuffed with Vigan Longganisa, monggo sprouts and other spices plus an egg. You can order it the Vegetarian way served only without the Longganisa., but what good is an Ilocano Empanada w/o the Vigan Longganisa! You just got to have it in there boy! Give the vegan way to a pause and say yes to Vigan Longganisa!

Best served when hot. The egg and the veggies - i believe those are monggo sprouts, inside are really delicious. It also has this crunch that is really good. Crispy and Delicious! Partner it with an ice cold coke...swabe pare... and im sure you will love it too!

Since its deep fried, oil seeps in so make sure to let it drip before serving. I asked the personnel if I can shoot inside the kitchen and I tell you, its damn hot in there. Its hot even before they were starting cooking. When they started to heat up the oil., the kitchen went 3 notches hotter! I was kinda worried for my gear. It can get fried up or something so i just took my photos real quick.

These Ilocos empanadas are sold for 50 pesos each. Ensogo will soon launch a deal for Ilocos Empanada probably a week after this blog will be published. Please do watch out for it! :) Its a really good deal. Im not sure for the pricing yet so i guess its best to watch for it on Ensogo's website next week.

Another great shooting day for me. Tomorrow, im off to another photoshoot. I think its a food deal again and it makes me excited everytime someone tells me i have a photoshoot! The work is stressful, tiring, sometimes a little sweaty but its something that i really love doing. At the end of the day, i just say to myself., i love my job! :) Many thanks to Mam Carol for having us. To Gary and Aaron for helping me out with the shoot.

Visit Ilocos Empanada and im sure you will experience authentic Vigan treat right here in the city! Good times!

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