Wednesday, December 4, 2013

illy Café Delizio

Everybody loves coffee. Some people simply can't live without it. Cafe Illy is one of the best coffee joints you will ever find here in the metro. I really love  their delicious coffee and desserts! Photo above is their delicious chocolate cointreu cake! Its actually like their delicious tiramisu but there's orange zest on top. This one is really delicious... pour some of that hot choco on top and you can actually experience heaven...(well in a way..its that good.)

I also tried their salted caramel chocolate cake which i really enjoyed. I really love the taste of the salted caramel. It has that creamy texture. 

 when you slice throgh the cake, you can really feel its thickness! And the taste is so good. One of the best cakes i ever tasted. This is no joke. Its really delicious...

I had my shoot at Rockwell and the staff there is really great. I would love to give thanks to these remarkable people..for the warm hospitality, the brilliance in making those cappuccino art and of course, serving great coffee. I had a complimentary treat which is this croissant and cappuccino. I love their croissant..its nice, soft and very delicious. Best paired with this cappuccino. :)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Luxe Cakes by Goldilocks

J.R., one of my hardworking officemates approached me and asked me if i can take pictures of his upcoming deal from Goldilocks. There was a smile on my face coz Goldilocks for me is goodness! Luxe cakes are special cakes made by Goldilocks and they'r running a promo at Ensogo in this coming christmas season. 

showcasing their delicious cakes like this caramel dressed cake with nuts on top. This is one of my favorite cakes from the group! I love the artistry.. the lines...i love those shadows it made.. Looks really good. I bet it taste good as it looks!  

they also have this cake with rich chocolate all over and cherries on top! I tasted this one and its really good! The chocolate is absolutely delicious.  

They also have one with marshmallow puffs on top and God I love mallows! Too bad i didnt tasted this one. I bet it tastes good. 

 This one is just pure chocolate madness.! I really enjoyed shooting these cakes. Its not normal to shoot a lot of cakes in one seating and i was blessed to have this opportunity. Thank you Goldilocks for the delicious cakes! Its really something. Many thanks also to JR. Man, you have one great deal here. Hope you sell a lot of them! Many thanks also to my manager Ms.  Mara for helping me with the christmas props. Cant wait to buy this deal! :)

Frazzled Cook tell you the truth i dont know the meaning of that word! I have to ask one of our beautiful writers what the hell does that mean. Its actually synonymous to exhausted. So basically it means exhausted cook! Haha. When i saw Jen, one of the main cooks at the restaurant, its seems she doesnt look exhausted nor frazzled at all! In fact, she looks great! :) I think she one of the most bubbly looking cook i ever met! Photo on top is their delicious lengua! This one is simply delicious. Its really soft and tender. The sauce is absolutely delicious! No wonder why its their best seller. This is a must order... this is what you SHOULD order once you visit the place. :)

I love eating fish and for me is one heck of a treat! The dish is actually dory seasoned with thyme on top. Its sooo good. I really enjoyed eating this one. Its really tasty. I like the saltiness of the fish because its not too strong and powerful. Its just right. I also love the grilled zucchini, tomatoes and onions on the side... 

This one is their tenderloin nuggets on top of their delicious and home made mashed potatoes. One of their best dishes. Their mashed potatoes are made with real potatoes and its not the one that came from a plastic bag to add water. There's a surprise to this dish because it has jack fruit in it! This one is really delicious. 

Theres also a treat for those people who love to eat greens. their delicious salad has one of the best dressings I ever tasted. Im not really sure what it's made from but its kinda creamy and sweet... this salad is really good. 

 their pumpkin soup is simply delicious. Its all squash pureed to goodness! Pumpkin soup is one of my favorite dishes to start my meal and i tell you i tried a lot of em and this one probably the best pumpkin soup i ever had so far. Its really good. :)

The place is just awesome. It has a lot of quirky stuff to look at like books, magazines and lots of reading materials. You'll also see intrinsic pieces like figurines, candle holders.. paintings and all sorts of stuff. Even the washroom looks good! The chairs and tables are like the ones you see at vintage houses which made the place a little more cozy to dine in. The lighting is also fabulous. Nice and soft. Draperies are amazing as well. Its not your typical restaurant i tell you. Im sure you will have a great dining experience here just by the things you see around. When i was shooting inside, i saw people coming in and out. Taking orders to go. The place needs a little effort to visit and surprisingly people are coming in! It only shows that the food and the place is good. Frazzled Cook will soon graze the website of Ensogo and they will be having awesome set meals for two and for four. If you're looking for a great place and great food to bring your family and friends for dinner or lunch, this is probably one of the best place to go. Frazzled Cook is located at 916 Luna Mencias Street, Brgy Additional Hills, 1500 Mandaluyong. For reservations just call (02)782-59-80.

Crab Pot Seafood Restaurant

I just cant imagine we went to this place called "Daang Hari " to shoot some crabs! But its all worth it though coz this crabs are really delicious! These buttered crabs are to die for! Its that darn delicious! Crabs are meaty and its buttery flavor is simply delicious. Umaapaw sya sa Alige! No more poise eating this one coz i just have to rip all the meat from within and damn i tell you its oozing with goodness. Its so delicious....

I also tried their delicious watermelon shake. What a great thirst quencher. A perfect fix for the tremendous heat outside. I really enjoyed this one...

That huge great white shark on the ceiling definitely rocks. I love the interiors of this restaurant. Why? 1st its wide and spacious. 2, flat screen tv's are all over. Its best watching your favorite game of basketball while you eat your crabs! 3, its nice and clean. 4, the place is flooded with natural light. 5, probably its the shark! :) 

They also have KTV rooms upstairs! They actually have five of them according to sizes. All of them have flat screen tv's and hi-fi stereo systems. This place is just perfect! 

If you and your family is on a craving for some good seafood, just visit Crab Pot Seafood restaurant at Seaside Seafood restaurants, Daang Hari Road, Almanza Dos, Las Pinas. Pick your choice of crabs, shrimps, fish at the market beside the restaurant and then they will cook it for you. Like Dampa style. :) Food there is just delicious. What an adventure. I wanna thank my fellow officemate Jan for letting me use her car. We almost got lost at Las Pinas but we managed to pull it through. Also to the staff. To ms. Cielo, thank you for the good food. We appreciate it so much. Hope to come by once again. 

Inggo's Bar and Grill

Inggo's Bar and Grill is one of those restaurants which caters delicious filipino food. Their wide array of pinoy dishes will surely make your tummy go nuts! Their crispy pata is very delicious! It's soft, tender and crispy meat is definitely satisfying to eat. You also have to try their buttered chicken! It's one of their best sellers! Nice and crispy. It has this crunch with the buttery taste! It's absolutely finger licking good! I love it. I also love their lumpia and their pancit.  Inggo's Bar is located at Bay Cruise Terminal CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd., Malate (near Harbour Square), Manila, Philippines. Thank you Sir Boying and Mam Rose for having us there. We really enjoyed your food. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Royal Picadilly

cupcakes! i love the chocolate and the red velvet!

every man's dream fridge

I went to this place called Royal Picadilly in La Vista near Petron at Katipunan (just after Miriam College) and the experience is wonderful. These are my photos that I took. I had a shoot there for our upcoming deal launching real soon at Ensogo. I tried their cupcakes and its really delicious! One of the favorites is the Chocolate cupcake and the Red Velvet. They also serve delicious dishes like sausages, fillets and steaks. They also have different kinds of imported beers at a reasonable price. Its one of those places you'd love to hang out and dine in. If you have time, just drop by. Its beside the gate of La Vista in Katipunan. You'll see there the Petron gas station. Its located at the 2nd floor just beside starbucks. I would like to thank Mam Cielo for the warm hospitality. Thank you! I'l come visit your restaurant soon after basketball at ateneo. :) 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ra Men Oh

Katsudon is a popular Japanese food. Its a bowl of rice topped by a delicious deep fried pork or chicken cutlet, usually with some eggs and some seasoning. This kind of Japanese food is one of my favorites along with tempura and sashimi... Theres this place at Katipunan Avenue that serves delicious Japanese rice toppings, that place is no other than Ra Men Oh. Its located at the 2nd floor of  J&R Concon Center, Alvero St. Loyola Heights, QC.If you're coming from UP, turn right at Shakey's, go straight and you will see there food places. Theres a big sign of Ra Men Oh you wont miss it.    Photo on top is their delicious Oyako Don. It's really gooooood. The chicken meat is so nice and tender. Seasoning is just right. Rice is well cooked. It's a very hearty meal. Champion talaga to. 

Their Katsudon is one of the best! I love it! It's breaded pork on top of steaming rice. Meat is soft and tender as well. Pork is easy to chew...and it tastes really good. I highly recommend this dish! I think this is one of their best sellers! If you're on a diet, you have to pause it for a while because this dish is insanely good....

Two of the best rice bowls Katipunan avenue has to offer! Oh yeah thats what i said in to my instagram post regarding this picture. These dishes are so good that you would probably ask for another bowl. Just in case i pass by katipunan and im feeling of having some rice toppings, Ra Men Oh  will probably flash into my head! 

After that delicious meal, ending it with a really nice dessert is like a 3 point basket that won the game in overtime. They wanted me to try this amazing Chocolate Mousse. Ate, one of the staff said she made it and she served those jars to me with a smile in her face. No wonder, these are sooooo good. It's not too sweet. its not to bland. It's just perfect! I love this. This is a perfect way to end your fabulous meal. Order this, you wont regret it. Thank you so much! Im sorry i didnt get your name...thank you! Sarap nito ate! 

When I entered the restaurant, you will see there glass cabinet full of these. That image got stuck inside my head and I cant help myself to order one macaron. Gladly I didi because its so damn delicious! Quite pricey though, 25 pesos per piece but i do understand why because these macarons needs some serious culinary  skills to bake. I love this so much. This puts the extra M on YuMMy!

Interior is nice and simple. Clean, well lit. and i love that part in the middle where you can "indian sit" as you eat your food. Sitting on the floor with your knees tucked in makes dining a little more "japanese-ish" that is if you just feel like it. But chairs would be fine to me. :)  The staff are very charming. Very accommodating and always wears a smile.  It's a really nice place! Its not that big but it has a plenty of room.  

Price range is not that expensive. The katsudon is only 145 pesos per bowl while the Oyako Don sells at 120. For the menu and their prices you can visit their facebook page here . You might wanna try their other delicious dishes as well.  Ra Men Oh will soon run a deal at Ensogo-LivingSocial real soon! Watch out for their great offer! Simply log on to and buy the voucher! 

Many thanks to Ms. Kim, thank you so much for that delicious white chocolate spread that i just tried on my pandesal and it was insane! Its really delicious! Also to Sir Kirby for having this opportunity. Thank you! For all the staff! You're all awesome! To Ate! (sorry didnt get your name mam.. ) your Chocolate Mousse is the best! 

Till next time! More food adventures coming up!  

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dulcelin Gourmet Restaurant

When I tasted Dulcelin Gourmet's Mango Torte for the first time, I was totally blown away! It's immaculately delicious. Im not goofin around or putting on that hype.. it is really good i swear. Those mango filling is absolutely awesome! The crust is made of the most delicious peanut brittle i ever tasted. It's not too sweet not to plain either. It's just right... It's like a symphony of flavors right down to your palette. This is one of the best desserts i highly recommend. 

The delicious mango torte is available in 9" and 12". Im not sure if they have something smaller than 9". Last year, Dulcelin Gourmet ran a deal with and I bought a voucher. A lot of my friends also bought the deal and they loved it as well. They will launch a deal again this year and I can't wait to buy some!  

Dulcelin Gourmet just opened their restaurant that I believe their first one so far over at UP Town Center along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City. The place is big! Its spacious, relaxing and its quite near to our home and its also along the way when i come home from work! 

I am very happy and excited for Dulcenin Gourmet. I was an avid customer of their cakes and visit their place back at Times Street and look at it now! It's already a full pledged restaurant! Many thanks to Ms. Pepper and her staff for the great hospitality and for the free slice of that delicious mango torte! Im' gonna come back real soon and visit your restaurant once in a while...

I'll just have to reminisce once again the beauty, the rich flavor of this amazing dessert. This is best with coffee and I really enjoyed this wonderful snack. If you have time, you might want to visit their restaurant over at UP Town Center. That new mall right after Ateneo, beside Miriam College. Dulcelin Gourmet is located at the 2nd Floor. 

What an awesome shoot. Right now, the taste still lingers inside my head...

Mark's Bicolog Pancit and Pichi-Pichi

Now for my another food adventure, I went to Brgy. Kapitolyo over at Pasig to take photos of one of the most delicious Pichi-Pichi and Pancit Palabok in town... Welcome to Mark's Bicolog! Their Pichi-Pichi is by far one of the best I ever tasted. Its not that sweet. It has this creamy taste. The consistency is good. Its not that soggy or soft. Smothered with  lots of cheese.. I love it. I think i had 3 slices of these delicious Filipino dessert.  

 Bicolog is derived from the words Pancit Luglug frim Bicol. They call the traditional Pancit palabok to pancit luglug. So they thought of a way to incorporate those words into one.. they came up with "Bicolog".  I love their pancit! Its delicious! Its heavy in the tummy. It's perfect for all occasions! 

I just finished this entire plate in a jiffy! Its really good. Really love the flavor. The chicharon is perfect.. shrimps are so nice and tender.  Definitely this pancit palabok falls into my list of favorites. Taste it for yourself! Im sure you'l feel the same.

Marks Bicolog is located at 64 East Capitol Drive in Kapitolyo Pasig City. For inquiries you can give them a call at (02)654-5542 These amazing dishes, the Pichi Pichi and the pancit will soon graze the website of Ensogo-LivingSocial real soon. For amazing deals on the finest food finds, hotels and latest gadgets, log on to or . It's a great way to shop!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kogi Bulogi

I always loved eating korean food. There are probably a million reasons why. But the main reason is that Korean food is very healthy. It has rich in flavor, most of them are grilled, braised, fried in its own oil, consists mostly of green leafy vegetables and its really delicious. Last night I had another food adventure that I wont never forget. Why? Because for the first time, I went to Binondo Manila, all by myself, carrying some expensive gear, in a place that i dont usually go to... Welcome to Kogi Bulgogi, one of the best Korean Restaurants in the metro. Situated at the newly built Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo Manila. 

Photo on top is one of their best sellers, Their Kalbi. I do apologize if I mess up the names of the dish but these are the names that i did remember. The Kalbi was absolutely delicious. Its made of beef short ribs, so tender you can tear the meat up easily with your spoon. Its really delicious i tell you. The broth is absolutely fantastic!

I also experienced the delightful taste of these gorgeous soft crab roll. It is made with the freshest crab meat stuffed inside the maki then topped with tempura flakes mixed with some mayo. This is one amazing dish i tell you. Its absolutely delicious!  

I also tried their delicious Bibimbap. I mixed it all together and poured in the spicy paste and damn it smells really good. I just had to postpone my diet for the night coz i cant stop eating this one. Its bursting with flavor. Very appetizing. It compliments this next dish... 

...the Bulgogi. Man oh man this dish is by far the best Bulgogi that I tasted. I really like the sweetness of this dish. I had some Beef Bulgogi before and this one is on top of the list. The beef is so tender. Its so soft. Its really tasty. This is the one to order. I might say they are really proud of their Bulgogi they would put it on the name of their Restaurant - Kogi Bulgogi!

lastly, i tasted their delicious chapchae. Its noodles are made of potatoes as far as i remember when i talked to the chef. I just love the flavor, the taste, the mix of veggies, mushrooms and the seasoning.. Its wonderful. Its captivating and its really delicious. I really enjoyed having this one. This is not your usual chapchae. You got to try it out. 

Kogi Bulgogi's interior design is really nice. Place is well lit. It has these soft and stylish leather chairs. Its very clean and very inviting. Very nice indeed. I really like the simplicity of the place but it looks fantastic. I would love to go back here someday. Kogi Bulgogi also has branch at Eastwood City in Libis. If you want some delicious food, this is one of the place to be. Surprisingly, food here is not that expensive. One order of that delicious Bulgogi is less than 300 pesos only. Most of the dish are priced that way as well. Many thanks to Sir Marlon and the staff of Kogi Bulgogi for their warm hospitality. Thanki you so much and goodluck to you all.