Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Grill Republic

Behold, the biggest burger you will ever see! This is insanity. To devour such a thing is madness! Just had a photoshoot at Grill Republic at Metrowalk and this is probably the biggest., the sloppiest burger I ever ate in my entire existence! That small burger on the side is the same size of a Quarter Pounder.

This humongous burger is Grill Republic's flagship treat and a number of people are getting all the buzz about it. Even the media are already up on their noses to have a knack of the behemoth burger! Television giant ABS-CBN have this segment on Rated K called "Bigtime" and its all about the different BIG eats that you will find around town. I was fortunate enough to shoot side by side with the crew of ABS-CBN, better when I became one of the participants on their segment! Whoa!!Instant star!!!. The segment manager asked me to have my biggest bite on that darn burger and damnit i gave my very best!

Ms. Meredith, the owner, told us that the huge burger is kinda hard to cook coz it needs two people to flip the pattie once its done! The bun itself has a customized mold to cook. And the flour to make it is equivalent to 40 regular pan-desals! Its quite expensive to make it thats why its special. The melted cheese is over-kill! This burger is cheesier than Joe the Manggo! Literally it oozes out! The Pattie is made with 100% pure beef with no beef extenders. Thats why when you eat it, it easilly crumbles down so better have a good grip on it. Or better yet., eat it using a plate. =)

Their deal in Ensogo includes the huge burger plus a pitcher of any choice of cocktail drink or iced tea. This Grill Republic Blue Mint cocktail is really good! Watch out coz it has this kick but tastes really good. Its Minty and smooth. You can have all of these in less than 300 pesos! 50% off from their regular price ! Watch out for this deal and i tell you., this is a darn good deal for all of you guys who loves burgers. I guess 4 big guys can eat this one, 6 if you're a regular human, 1 if you're Yokuzuna! This burger I tell you is a sure treat! Expect to be really full!

Not only they serve giant burgers but giant Tacos as well! This is the biggest Taco I ever seen! Made with 100% pure beef and loads of cheese and veggies. My boss who is a vegetarian happens to have a bite! Haha, she cant help it! Its really tempting i tell you! Served also with a pitcher of your favorite cocktail or iced tea, this meal will definitely fire up your taste buds, and your appetite to the next level!

My experience at Grill Republic is memorable. Ived been here once together with Abs and friends. I actually forgot the name of the place and I was surprised when I came back and said to myself.., wait a minute, ived been here already! Grill Republic is just near the entrance of Metrowalk near Mugen Bar. This is one place you will definitely love to hang-out, dine in and have a BIG time experience! Thanks to Ms. Maritet for the hospitality, to Sir Gary and Ms Janis and to the crew of ABS-CBN, you guys are the best!

Grill Republic! You're the bomb! Good times...

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  1. July 17, ABS-CBN will air their episode on Rated-K. Im gonna be on TV again! wahh =P


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