Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Makati Palace Hotel

After my shoot at Tia Marias, we went straight to Makati Palace Hotel for another photoshoot. Its right at the heart of Burgos street in Makati where a lot of foreigners flock around on which is the main guests at the hotels around the area.

This is the main entrance of the restaurant. Love the piano peeking at the entrance door.
Too bad the photoshoot did not pushed through because there were issues regarding the schedule of the deal so we have to re-sked the photoshoot. Kinda frustrating but what the hell... we just asked if we could take photos of the lobby and the restaurant for future documentation.

So we just asked to take photos of the place and good thing they agreed. We are scheduled to go back probably next week. I hope everything is ok by then so we can take photos of the buffet table on which is truly worth the wait. Thanks to Ms. Sheila of Makati Palace Hotel for her warm hospitality.

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