Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Along the Way

San Miguel by the bay, just outside UNO Pizzeria where i held a photoshoot for their deal. The pizza is still cooking and my gear is already on stand-by. I got bored and with a camera with me, i took some photos of the overcast sunset. Just love the clouds in this photo. Its like., its on fire!

Photo of The Peninsula along Ayala Ave. Usually its illegal to shoot along ayala avenue. But since im sitting inside a car., just dropped down my window and kept on shooting. The lady with a blue umbrella is an accident. She just went by. :)

Finally the sun showed up with its firey fascade. The US Navy is actually here in Manila and saw their ships anchored at Manila Bay. Saw their Aircraft carrier and their 2 destroyers.

Took portraits as well, saw this cute kid and took a photo of her. I used my monochrome settings and used my 70-300 lens giving me a very nice picture from afar.

During the shoot at Cowboy Grille, the client was hungry and nicely asked us what do we want for lunch. I was actually joking that i uttered if they have "Crispy Pata". The client obliged and ordered a plateful of crispy pata! It was so good until now i can still taste it.

It was a verrrrry long day.. 3 photoshoots in one day. 1st stop, NetPlaza at thefort. It was quite a challenge since the client has high expectations but luckily it went good. Then off to Makati to shoot for a car shop then went back at the office. Then went to Mall of Asia to shoot for a pizzeria. Here are some exerps from my shoot...

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