Saturday, May 21, 2011

Its Jona's Birthday!

We gave Jona a surprise birthday visit and it was a blast! When she saw Abby at the door., she was kinda surprised coz what the heck is abby doin at the house?! Hehe., Upon reaching the door, she was hell surprised people are there to welcome her birthday. We brought a chocolate cake that sez Happy Birthday BaD! haha., its suppose to be "Bap"., i guess the "P" looks like a "D".

Angge came and even Jeff who was assigned at Baguio gave Jona a visit! She was obviously touched and gave each one of us a tight hug.

Of course, a birthday party should have a descent group picture! Oh yeah this is descent! hehe. Love Tet's pose with the flat iron! hahaha. It was fun. Thanks Angge for the chicken and thanks abby for the chocolate cake :) Happy Birthday Jona! Good times...

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