Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My 1st Lightning Photography

For the 1st time, i tried lightning photography and this one is just special. I was about to go home when my officemate, Nikos, asked me how to photograph lightning. I told him i never done it before but i have read in the magazines how to do it... i gave it a try and brought out my camera and my tripod.. I noticed that theres one spot at the skyline where lightning usually occurs.. i just pointed my camera on that spot and waited for about 30 minutes. Then suddenly a mesh of electricity appeared and i was lucky enough to capture it... By far, this is my favorite photo I ever did... i was so happy to photograph my 1st lightning. I wanna thank Nikos for forcing me to do this photo.. This was pretty cool....

Manong Bagnet Station Co.

Deep fried Crispy pork....that is what Bagnet it is. When i was told im going to take pictures of this deadly, sinfully and delightful food.. i was so damn excited coz this is one of my fovorites. Its so crispy... its so crunchy... it so delicious. I love it so much. Im actually eating it with my eyes closed... Buy this deal at Manong Bagnet Station Co.. im sure you wont regret it. Just make sure to eat it moderately..unless you have a death wish... well at least you will die happy.... 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hwaro-in Korean Grill

Remember my previous post about this really nice Korean restaurant called Maru? The owners have the same restaurant but this time its around the Malate area and its called the Hwaro-In Korean Grill. Had a shoot there along with Ms. Aila for their amazing deal at Ensogo. Im so excited with this shoot because we're  cooking some Korean grub once again which i totally love... For only P299, you'l get all of these! Thats a great deal! Lower than the previous price at Maru!   

They have this really nice grill, different from Maru. Here you can see, scrambled egg concoction  are being poured on the sides. It makes a perfect side dish for the Samgyupsal! 

Grill is hot and the meat is ready to be cooked! 

Look at that!!! Ain't that yummy?! The aroma of the meat is so good.... everything here is healthy.. Everything is grilled and it has no oil... The eggs on the side looks really delicious! 

Mam Jeanie told us to try this popular Korean dish..its like Isaw, or pig intestines in Korea. These are imported meat. They are already cleaned., then boiled with added flavors,,then cleaned again. Then grilled. This is high grade meat Mam Jeanie said and we are about to partake on this one delightful dish in no time. 

Everything seems to be golden brown and ready to eat! The aroma is mesmerizing!  We also grilled some Kimchi on the side... argh this is heaven. Korean food is love! 

It has its own special kind of sauce which i dunno where its made off but damn it tastes so good.. i love it so much. It really do tastes like our isaw bilog here in pinas but quite more tasty. Plus its sauce is a sure winner! 

This place really rocks for me. Its a little smaller than Maru restaurant along Makati Ave.But the venue looks really nice and clean. Light flooded the area because of its glass walls. The tables and chairs are arranged in huge gaps., making it comfy, free to move and less cramped inside the restaurant...
View from the outside is well lit. Its really inviting to go inside. Very simple yet very stylish interior and exterior designing. 

Once again, we had a really nice shoot at Hwaro-in. We were so full! Thats me holding a shot of Soju...which tastes really good as well. :) Another food adventure for the books! Good times! 

Sci-Fi Cafe

When i was a kid, there were two things that i really love...eating and playing with my toys. Imagine two of your best things in life combined in one place....i felt like a kid once again. Welcome to Sci-Fi Cafe at the 4th Floor of Robinson's Galleria. It's heaven for all of you toy lovers out there..Specially if you love action figures from Star Wars, Marvel Superheroes and so much more! Picture on top is the delicious nachos.... its soooo good promise. 

I also love their seafood pasta.. this is a must try. One of the cafe's best seller. 

You also wanna order this meat pizza called "The Armageddon" Its really delicious! I enjoyed eating this one

You should also try their famous Steve Rogers burger! Its flame grilled to perfection! Love it!

the toys are awesome. Some of them are rare collectibles like this one. If you will look at the detail of Tony will be amazed...

The toy collection is just...i dunno how to explain it..bsta ang dami! I so love the action figures. These toys are quite just so amazed with the collection. The owner said he started collecting around 10 years ago...

The good thing about this store is that we can play with some of the toys. Thats me with Aila with our really nice light even creates that woozing sound when you turn it on! I so love the storm trooper helmet!!!!! 

 at the end of the day...not only my tummy is full.. but also my was really fun shooting this one! Go visit Sci-fi cafe, im sure you will enjoy it too. Specially when you go with your kids. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Salido Restaurant

 I love dimsums! I really do. Specially Hakaw. I had a shoot at Salido Restaurant over at Retiro in QC and the food there is absolutley delicious. 

You always have to start with the makes you're appetite raise to the next level. Love it!  

 and of crs.. my favorite Hakaw... one of the best there is. this one is really delicious i tell you..

i know its kinda freaky when you shoot chicken feet but this one looks really delicious... 

and  of crs what good is a dimsum cart without some siomai.. i had a couple of that actually and its really good..

tried adding a human element with this shot so i tried placing my hand in there.. haha. :)

of course a photo-op with the staff! :) Thanks guys for the warm hospitality.

Khaleb Shawarma

Shawarma is considered to be one of those complete meals on a budget. Why? you already have meat..which is a good source of protein. Then theres the vegetables. tomatoes, cucumbers, onions... then wrapped in a soft pita bread - which is a good source of carbohydrates. Dressed it up with some garlic and hot sauce, All of that for only 50pesos! Thats why when im saving up, i usually buy one (or two). Eto na eh... Its all there  in the palm of your hand. We visited Kaleb Shawarma over at Baliwag Bulacan..(YES Baliwag Bulacan! Its crazy) and had our shoot for their deal at Ensogo. 

This is one of my favorites. The Cielo Kebab. Im so addicted with this one. Its so delicious. It took a while to photograph this one coz they had it cooked twice in order to get this perfect. Its all worth it. 

Kaleb is launching a deal at Ensogo and all of these are only 99pesos! Thats a great deal because usually 1 shawarma costs 50 bucks.. with the deal you get 3 for only 99. So hurry buy your vouchers now!  

Tropical Hut Hamburgers

Its been a while since i ate at Tropical Hut Hamburger. This is usually my burger of choice when im still in highschool. Theres one inside Ever Gotesco Commonwealth and i usually eat there. What i love is their big burgers and their tasty club sandwiches. When i was photographing this for Ensogo, it kinda brought back the good all days where im young and i have nothing to think about just my homework, basketball and what to eat. 

Photoshoot was held at Tropical Hut Hamburger in Alabang. I always wanted tight shots on my food... I think this one is real tight...i like it that way though. 

Their spaghetti and fried chicken combo is absolutely delicious. Tropical hut also serves the best spaghetti in town.. i just love the taste. Minsan nga mas gusto ko pa sya sa mcdo or jollibee.

this blogpost is simply makin me hungry bigtime...

 No wonder my back hurts at the end of the day.....i just have to.. do that stance every time i go on a shoot... Anyways., Tropical Hut Hamburgers are one of those burgers that I really love.. It has this distinct taste exactly the same through the years.. and i love em. Sarap na babalikbalikan ika nga...