Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Frazzled Cook

Frazzled..to tell you the truth i dont know the meaning of that word! I have to ask one of our beautiful writers what the hell does that mean. Its actually synonymous to exhausted. So basically it means exhausted cook! Haha. When i saw Jen, one of the main cooks at the restaurant, its seems she doesnt look exhausted nor frazzled at all! In fact, she looks great! :) I think she one of the most bubbly looking cook i ever met! Photo on top is their delicious lengua! This one is simply delicious. Its really soft and tender. The sauce is absolutely delicious! No wonder why its their best seller. This is a must order... this is what you SHOULD order once you visit the place. :)

I love eating fish and for me is one heck of a treat! The dish is actually dory seasoned with thyme on top. Its sooo good. I really enjoyed eating this one. Its really tasty. I like the saltiness of the fish because its not too strong and powerful. Its just right. I also love the grilled zucchini, tomatoes and onions on the side... 

This one is their tenderloin nuggets on top of their delicious and home made mashed potatoes. One of their best dishes. Their mashed potatoes are made with real potatoes and its not the one that came from a plastic bag to add water. There's a surprise to this dish because it has jack fruit in it! This one is really delicious. 

Theres also a treat for those people who love to eat greens. their delicious salad has one of the best dressings I ever tasted. Im not really sure what it's made from but its kinda creamy and sweet... this salad is really good. 

 their pumpkin soup is simply delicious. Its all squash pureed to goodness! Pumpkin soup is one of my favorite dishes to start my meal and i tell you i tried a lot of em and this one probably the best pumpkin soup i ever had so far. Its really good. :)

The place is just awesome. It has a lot of quirky stuff to look at like books, magazines and lots of reading materials. You'll also see intrinsic pieces like figurines, candle holders.. paintings and all sorts of stuff. Even the washroom looks good! The chairs and tables are like the ones you see at vintage houses which made the place a little more cozy to dine in. The lighting is also fabulous. Nice and soft. Draperies are amazing as well. Its not your typical restaurant i tell you. Im sure you will have a great dining experience here just by the things you see around. When i was shooting inside, i saw people coming in and out. Taking orders to go. The place needs a little effort to visit and surprisingly people are coming in! It only shows that the food and the place is good. Frazzled Cook will soon graze the website of Ensogo and they will be having awesome set meals for two and for four. If you're looking for a great place and great food to bring your family and friends for dinner or lunch, this is probably one of the best place to go. Frazzled Cook is located at 916 Luna Mencias Street, Brgy Additional Hills, 1500 Mandaluyong. For reservations just call (02)782-59-80.

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