Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Queens Taj Mahal

I'm a great fan of Indian food. The last time I had one when I went to Boracay and theres  an Indian Restaurant called True Food Indian Cuisine. As far as I can remember, thats the first time I tried Indian food and I really enjoyed it! Yesterday, I re-lived all those memories when a plateful of Naan pita bread was served in front of me! Welcome to Queens Taj Mahal in Jupiter Street in Makati! If you're into authentic Indian food, you will love this place! This dish is called Dhal Makhni with the delicious Garlic Naan on the background. Just rip a small part of the Naan and dunk it in! Its really good. 

This is called the Masala Papadum. It's like a really huge nacho with tomatoes and other spices at the middle. :D It's crunchy and it tastes really good.  Just hold on to it gently  coz it crumbles into pieces if you don't.  

This is their mixed vegetable curry. I love this. Im a fan of curry. I dunno i just love the taste of it.  

their mutton biryani is really delicious. Partner it with the mixed vegetable curry and its goodness beyond expectation. Its really good. Kahit walang ulam, masarap! It's so good. This is a must order. 

their chicken tanodoori is really delicious. I rarely eat chicken with an indian twist and this one is just enjoyment in every bite. It's really good. 

 this their version of the buttered chicken... too bad I havent seen the chicken in this pic because it still bathes in its really thick butter sauce! on the background is the butter naan which is its usual partner. 

this is their mutton sheek kebab. best partnered with the buttered naan. Get a small piece of Naan and roll it in with a piece of the kebab and add some of its sauce. Its really good! im starting to get hungry writing this blog... 

This is the interior of the Queens Taj Mahal. I took advantage of the flood of light coming inside. I played a little with the white balance and gave it a glamorous touch. This is just a portion of the big room but since there are still people eating, i gave my best not to include them inside the frame... Great interior. Great place.  

I want to thank sir Vijay and his staff  for the food they have prepared for us. I really enjoyed my stay there. I'm sure I'l visit your restaurant real soon... 

till the next food adventure! 
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Song Do Won Korean Restaurant

Over the weekend, I have this serious craving for korean food...Samgyupsal to be exact. I think the heavens above smiled upon me and  I received an email that I have a schedule for a photoshoot in one of the premiere korean  restaurants in Macapagal Avenue, the Song Do Won Korean Restaurant. It's my first time here! The place is nice and big. I think my cravings for Samgyupsal will soon be over. 

I was preparing my lights and strobes for the shoot and i was kinda excited, thrilled, and hungry to see what am i about to photograph. The veggies rolled out, then the spices and the sauces are coming in. I am now elated to see the meat. Then there it is.. one of the staff is carrying a plateful  of lean, red and fresh thin slices of pork ready to be grilled! Eto na sya! I took some shots first for the set meals and then we started to fire up the grille! 

and now we're cooking! That sound of that meat cooking off the grill is like a lullaby to my ears. Its kinda weird noh? I do think Im naturally weird.. Anyways,  They're not using any cooking oil.  It actually cooks in its own once you throw it down the heat.  The oil seeps out of the meat, and it goes thru the grooves of the pan and gently being drained. Somehow its kinda healthy. :) 

They have this veggie called the chinese cabbage and this is my first to see this in a samgyupsal meal. I made my wraps with it and it tastes really good! I even ordered a bottle of Soju to make the experience more satisfying! Samgyupsal + Soju is actually the one two punch for me. It's really good! 

I forgot to ask what kind of soup this is. When it arrived in the table its still boiling! I have to take a quick snap of it and I wanna photograph the thing  boiling. I think this is some kind of a Tofu soup... i saw big chunks of tofu in there. I tasted it and its so delicious. Tofu regularly helps lower bad cholesterol, alleviates symptoms associated with menopause and even lowers the risk of cancer.

Song Do Won Korean Restaurant will soon run a great deal at Ensogo. Please do watch out for it in our website real soon. There are meals for two and for four. Photo above is the meal for two and its all worth it. Im not yet informed about the price though. Please do watch out for it. 

Song Do Won Korean Restaurant is located at HK Sun Plaza, Macapagal, San Jose, Pasay City. You can give them a call at (02) 8040757, (+63) 9178224554 for more info. Many thanks for the staff for all the help! Thank you! You guys are wonderful. 

Another craving satisfied. More food shoots to come! 
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mesmerized at Good Fellas

Did you know that the Chinese people are on record as having eaten pasta as early as 5,000 B.C.! Also Marco Polo did not discover pasta. The ancient Italians did according to ancient drawings found in caves in Rome and they made pasta much like we do today. Some fun facts about pasta. But there's one thing for sure, the Apollona's Seafood Pasta at Good Fellas is absolutely delicious. Now thats a fact! 

Enjoy its mouth-watering goodness as you bite into that succulent mussels...those tasty shrimps, those al dente' noodles smothered in this delicious tomato sauce. This pasta is perfection. I'm already happy taking pictures of it...what more eating it! I feel so blessed! When i had my fork-full of noodles, it's like... sliding over a rainbow and onto the clouds of goodnessss! Haha. It's just so good.. You have to try it for yourself to appreciate it... 

Good Fellas not only makes delicious pasta, they also make delicious,  jaw-breaking, heart pounding, calorie rich , lean angus beef burgers!!!! Good lord! This half pound Angus Beef burger topped with bacon strips is just insanity for your dining pleasures! Its sooooo delicious! As in really delicious. Its kinda hard eating this one because its so big! I have to squish it down real good in order for me to devour this monster burger! I tell you., this is absolutely delicious. Lunacy beyond flavor!  The beef is so tender.. its juicy... its just amazing in taste. This is a must try at Good Fellas... 

Hold on to your horses coz it's not yet over! I saved the best for last! The Good Fellas House Steak is a 1 inch thick U.S. Certified charbroiled Angus Beef served with  delicious fried rice or  fresh mashed potatoes plus a side salad. When you slice it in, the fork just slides easily... Soft and tender meat.... its really juicy.. its like tears of flavor comes out as you pierce the meat..... When you chew on it.. its like a symphony of flavour.. its sooooo good. This one is undeniably one of the best steaks in the Metro.... It's really.. really good.... Ugh. i wanna cry. I want one now..

The next time you are craving for some delicious steaks, awesome burgers and really delicious pastas.. you might wanna consider dropping by at Good Fellas.  Food there is absolutely delicious. You will also love the interior of the restaurant lalo na if you love movies like The Godfather, Scarface and the likes. For more info, visit their facebook page. Visit them at #56 T. Gener corner K-1st strreet Kamuning Quezon City. 

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Another Visit at Gloria Maris Wilson

Gloria Maris Restaurant in Wilson San Juan is like an institution for good food. It's been there for quite some time! Avid foodies like me love their traditional chinese dishes. I love their cold cuts! Its a combination of Soy Chicken, Pork Asado, Roast Duck, Sea Weeds and some Century Eggs. 

I also love their beef tenderloin. Meat is very soft. The sauce tastes really good. Mapapakanin ka dito! Extra Rice please!  

If you're into fish, you will love to try their  Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet. I actually enjoyed eating this.  Fish is so delicious! I love the sauce as well. This is highly commendable! Its really good. Malinamnam sya! I seldom eat fish. unless its inihaw... or fish fillet like in Mcdo.. but this one is an exception :D 

I posted this photo of their Birthday Noodles and people are starting to greet me Happy Birthday! Thanks guys but its not my birthday! It's just called Birthday noodles! But mind you, you'll feel like its your birthday if you had a knack of these pancit.. It's so delicious..... It's kinda different with the others that I tasted. It's just delicious. I really love the taste.. the sauce... and those kwek-kweks added delight in the dish. It's a must order in Gloria Maris. 

For dessert, i had this delicious Lychee fix and it's really good. It's really refreshing. I love Lychee! It's packed with Vitamin C and it's great for your body. Why?  Because Lychees, unlike other fruits, its low in sodium, its low in saturated fat and its cholesterol free! :D  

I wanna thank Sir Em for his warm hospitality.  Also his staff for letting me create a mess while doing the shoot. haha. Kidding. Good thing your restaurant has a 2nd floor and I had all the room for myself :) Thank you so much! I also wanna thank Loren for leading the way going there with his unusual route. I thought im gonna be late but with Loren's google map skills inside his head, we arrived right on schedule! Salamat! 

Another food adventure! The list goes on and on and on.... Thank you for all the blessings! 
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Slimmers Choice 1200 Calorie Diet Meals

When it comes to weight loss, toning down, getting slim and having a healthy diet, one must consider the right amount of calorie intake in every single meal. There's a new trend  whose popular to diet conscious individuals  that one must consume 1,200 calories of healthy food per day to attain that allowable daily calorie target.  With proper exercise, it dramatically helps achieve that ideal weight you want. But planning and preparing these meals can be a tedious job and very time consuming. Would it be nice if there's someone who will do all these things  for you? Someone does!  Let me introduce you to Slimmers Choice!  A 1,200 calorie a day weight loss meal plan and lose weight the blissful way!

The photo above is an example of a 1,200 calorie meal. It consists of 3 meals : Oatmeal with bananas for breakfast, Grilled fish with vegetables and brown rice for lunch and a Low Carb Pesto for dinner. You also have fruit and some crackers for snacks. It's quite a challenge eating only these within a day! Well, if you wanna achieve something, you really have to sacrifice all those crispy patas, burgers and doritos! These meals are all freshly cooked. Very healthy and  really delicious! It's like you hired your very own dietitian and a cook all in one!       

Here is a photo of their delicious grilled fish with vegetables. Matched with a cup of brown rice. 

Enjoy this Low-Carb  Pasta!  A delightful healthy option!

 This garden salad looks really delicious! Fresh lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers topped with a delightful ranch dressing.

Getting the body that you desire is within reach with these healthy set meals. Slimmers Choice will provide you different meals for a week or a monthly plan! Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!  The great thing about this is that, they will deliver the meals for you! Isn't that great?! For more info,check out Slimmer's Choice facebook page and learn more about their delicious 1,200 calorie weekly diet meal plans! 

Many thanks to Ms. Hannah for preparing these delicious  food for our photoshoot. I enjoyed a lot  taking pictures of your meals! Thank you! 

What are you waiting for?! Give em a call or buy your vouchers thru ensogo now! 

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu and BBQ Restaurant

Winter Solstice is the longest night and the shortest day in a year. Chinese people celebrate this tradition by having a great feast to bring good luck! Tong Yang is Chinese for Winter Sun which is synonymous to Winter Solstice. This is where they got their name. Every time you dine in here is like a feast! A celebration of food! Welcome to Tong Yang! One of the best Shabu-shabu and Barbecue Restaurant in the country! Look at those delicious food, neatly arranged. All fresh and ready to be cooked!

This is my first time to visit Tong Yang.  I never knew this is how they do it here! I was in awe...and overwhelmed by the selection of the food that I'm about to grill. Its kinda hard to choose! You have a lot of choices from different kinds of meat. 

and different kinds of seafood! I never seen an "Alupihang Dagat" or Mantis Shrimp ever before! This is my first time! Everything is fresh and its all ready to be grilled! Choosing which one to grill is quite a challenge but you'l get use to it.  

they also have cooked food as well like this really delicious stuffed squid! 

 im not really sure what kind of fish is this but damn it looks really good and delicious! 

their sushi area is very inviting.... they have the freshest makis, sashimis...crabsticks and God knows what the others are called but they all look delicious!  

what a beautiful place... this is their branch in Promenade over at Greenhills. This will greet you once you come inside. Those chinese lanterns looks really cute. The grill is neatly tucked in and we're all ready to cook! Lets do this! :)

this is my first time doing this so i asked their staff to help us out choosing the ingredients for our hotpot! They have a lot of vegetables to choose from! They have corn.. okras.. some eggplants... ang dami! 

they also have different kinds of...squid balls i think! they come in different colors and im not pretty well aware off what flavor they are.. I just chose some of those green ones and the ordinary white ones.. haha! 

pot is hot and its time to drop all of those in! This is kinda fun actually coz you have all the freedom to cook your food just the way you want it! It's really nice. I just hope what im eating is not raw! hehehe :D  Muka naman syang luto so its all good! :D 

Now its time to grill! Sherry, one of our gorgeous, uber diet conscious marketing consultant is along with me for the shoot and she's helping me out grill some food! Ain't I a lucky bastard? Well anyways. She eats like a bird.. sobrang konti lang kasi and most of the food shes cooking ends up with me! Good! :D More for me then! :)

looks like Sherry is doing a really good job! she said, she dont usually cook but in times like these, she enjoys it. That grill looks jam packed huh? It smells goooood. Im hungry :(

Cooking Tip for dummies : When cooking chinese scallops, you'll know its ready when the meat just slides off its shell. O ha! and and.. when cooking mantis shrimps or alupihang dagat, boil it first inside the hot pot for a couple of minutes then grill it! :)  

Sherry is proud of her grilling skills and this will pass as an instagram moment! Good job! :D  

If you want a little privacy...they have private rooms upstairs where you can enjoy food all by yourselves. This is perfect for private parties, business meetings, VIP's or simply dining with your family in privacy. This is definitely the place to be!  

My dining experience at Tong Yang is simply remarkable. Im so full i can't barely button my pants! Even my shirt has soy sauce marks as evidence! Thats one hell of meal and i am so thankful. I would like to thank Ms. Alma, for everything! She even cooked food for us! Thanks for the tip about the fish and the alupihang dagat! That information will be very useful someday! Thank you so much. Thank you also to Sir Jackson for having us. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Binusog nyo kami sir...  

I always knew, when you talk about Tong Yang, food there is absolutely delicious. No doubt about it. So if you're craving for some Shabu-shabu and hot pot at its finest, better head over to Tong Yang. Im sure, your dining experience will take you to mars...  

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Safehouse MMA and Fitness Gym

There are a lot of ways to get fit. You can run a mile everyday...  do yoga with the girls... go swimming with dolphins, chop some firewood... work as a photographer at Ensogo... yeah there are a lot things to keep yourself fit but there's one fitness regimen that totally kicks ass.. literally. I welcome you to the sought after, fat burning exercise in the country today - Martial Arts! No matter what discipline it may be, it would definitely knock out the fat stuff  out of you. What a better way to do it with the most experienced fighters in the country. Have your training at Safehouse MMA and Fitness Gym over at Quezon City. I assure you, when i saw the way they train, you'l loose those love handles in no time!    

If you follow my blog religiously which I highly doubt it... coz i think nobody gives a f*ck... i made a post about Submission Sports Philippines and  I met the amazing Erwin Tagle, sir Chino Yulo, sir Mickey Ablan,  fierce fighter Eugene Toquero and the huge Robbie Couture! Man that shoot was crazy.. Anyways,  they are affiliated with Safehouse MMA along with Muay Thai Association of the Philippines and  Wrestling Association of the Philippines! These guys really do know how to take down anybody. It actually shows in this photo with PXC warrior Dean Bermudez who just won his match  at PXC43. Also from the photos above is the 2 time Sea Games Gold medalist - Coach Jimmy Angana, hailed as one of the best pinoy wrestlers ever!  Im just so damn lucky to take photos of them training. 

I also met this guy at the gym which im so sorry dude i didnt got your name and man this guy has high kicks bro! I asked him to unleash hell out of that bag and I placed my rapid fire fingers on to that camera and started firing away!   

heres another shot and i think i got him exhausted...but what the heck.. its not everyday you meet a crazy photographer and have your photo right? So he just ripped all those kicks and man im just happy I got all the shots that I need. :)

 Whats nice at Safehouse is that all their coaches are professional boxers and former WBC youth champions. They will teach you the right techniques, the correct fight form and the ways to level up your game. I was amazed on how these guys train and they are all serious in what they do. No pain no gain! One more push. You tired? Have some more till you drop... stuff like that.

I would be really honored to train with one of the best! Here, one of the gym's clients is being trained with one of PXC's sought after fighters - Dean Bermudez. I saw them train and man.. it was intense! I could just imagine myself on those gloves and have those quick jabs, high  kicks and face melting take downs. Its hell crazy. 

I also made this shot showing the really rad Safehouse Gym. See the sign above? Yeah you should definitely leave your kicks out or it will end in yo face!  im just kiddin! So i was working with my low socks yeah :) I love this photo. 

Also, the thing with this gym is that its not only for guys but also for our girlaloos out there who wish to learn the beauty of  Boxing, Muay Thai and other disciplines. Coach Dean shows Ella the right ways on how to punch a guy in the nose... 

and high kicks you in the face or right there in the balls just in case someone messes with her... be afraid guys.  be very afraid... Thanks to Ella for that impromptu, sapilitang pag momodel favor. Thanks for being a sport! I know those shorts are denims but you knocked the hell out of it without any effort. Good job! Thank you so much! 

Ms. Jo, one of our senior Marketing Consultants at our office whose with me at the shoot asked Sir RJ, one of the founders of the Gym, to show his moves in front of the camera. He happily obliged and man he's good! I actually suggested some moves and he killed it with flying colors! 

this is one of RJ's favorite moves! If that foot hits you in the face, better have your medicard ready bro coz its really punishing! 

His jumping 45s are just insane... and so high! I dunno if RJ can dunk when he plays ball coz he can seriously jump high. 

Asked for another angle and bammmmm he nailed it! Im glad I nailed the photo as well (buhat bangko amp)! haha. Im just happy i did kasi medyo nakakahiya pag hindi diba.. baka ako masipa pag pina-take 2 :) 

I really love taking photos of fighters in action. Well, sports in general. It's actually unusual for me since im more of a food  photographer than a sports  photographer. So every time i'm on these kind of assignments, i get really excited! I do hope there are more of these! :) If ever, i should get a faster camera then.... a Nikon D4S - sponsored by Ensogo... hahaha how i wish! :D O sige D800 na lang. hahaha. Di talaga tumigil. :) 

Kidding aside, I really had fun! It's really nice to meet new people specially fighters whom i have huge respect about them. These people eat punches and high kicks  for breakfast and its their daily grind. Huge respect! Again, thank you so much for this opportunity. 

 I will leave you with this last photo...i  saw one of the coaches wrapping this guy's hand and they are about to undergo a serious one on one spar. I kinda like these kind of shots coz it kinda means something to me.... in life, you can achieve almost anything if you work hard and sweat for it and most specially if the right people helps you reach it. You'l knock any hindrances who gets in your way....even with these cute pair of Pink wraps! Haha!

Safehouse MMA and Fitness Gym is located at 3rd flr, Lamco building behind max's restaurant. Quezon Avenue
in Quezon City. For more info, give them a call at (02) 975-4872 or at GLOBE: 0917-827-6713 /SUN: 0932-375-3361. Follow their facebook page at 

I had fun guys! Thank you Thank you! RJ! thanks for the shirt bro! :) 
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