Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kinabuchs Grill and Bar

After a very tiring day at the beach. We went back to the hotel and have a well deserved rest. I was so tired due to rough weather. Good thing that we arrived safe. I was worried for our safety and also for our gears. As we arrived the hotel i rushed to the bathroom and gave myself a really good shower. Then chilled for a while inside the very cold hotel room. Later we are goin to this famous place in Puerto Princesa called "Kinabuchs".

Kinabuch got their name from their owner named Butch. Its like an answer to a question : "San tayo kain? " eh di "Kina Butch.. - Kinabuch" Well its just a theory.. :) So were here and the place is really really nice. Open air, Lovely Nipa huts and the smell of the food is really appetizing!

From the bottom left, thats Aica, our travel factor coordinator, next to her is Xandi, a Dubai based graphic designer who is addicted to travelling as well and the guy with the yellow shirt is Jay who is pretty much addicted to traveling as well who i think has been to a lot of travel factor tours. And the the ones standing is of crs me and abby.

Warm lights illuminated the area with its lovely light shades hanging at the center of the huts. Very classic, the shades of yellow makes it really nice and gives you a very chillax mode of eating. I guess this is what Kinabuch's famous for. Its chill, and relaxing place that is perfect for people who are stressed out and just looking for some great food and a little booze to sooth em.. hehe like us! hehe

Now this is a local delicacy called "Tamilok". Its some kind of wood worm and a must to have if your going to visit Puerto Prinsesa. They say you cant leave town without tasting it! So i did.. and it tastes good. Although its kinda slimey but its really good. Tastes like Jelly Ace. :)

Kinabuchs is a great place. The Crispy Pata was amazing!

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