Monday, August 15, 2011

Whatever Happened on August 15?

I saw patrick, our multi-media wizaed, carrying a huge plastic bag with boxes of cupcakes inside. I sneaked and peeked and borrowed one of the boxes and asked to take a picture of it. I think theres a marketing event for ensogo and they are giving these ones away. Looks really good and yummy!

The Customer Service Department and the HR Department gave our hardworking IT a treat with this really delicious chocolate cake and a big "bilao" of pancit malabon! Damn that pancit was really delicious. Within minutes, it vanished like a storm took it away! Thanks guys for sharing the Pancit! The cake is darn good as well! Happy Birthday Reggie!

JVC is having a sale goin on til Friday and their office is at 21st floor. The HR dept is eyeing this HD cam corder for quite some time now and this is the day to buy it! This baby is only 15K and i do believe its a really good buy. Its Full HD, 120 gig memory capacity, dolby surround audio, and has this tilting screen to boast and its light and small. Love it!

This is the view of Bonifacio Global City taken at the 21st floor of One Global Place. I took a photo of it after we bought the cam corder at JVC. Such a great weather...

Liyo asked me to take photos of this product for one of our merhants. My set-up : 2 speedlights set at 1/32 fired using my yongnuo triggers aimed straight up then bounced onto my big ass white reflector.

These products are accessories for slippers and head-bands.. Decorating your flip-flops with these is honestly fancy and stylish and it really stands out among others. Great stuff

Now edu is acting a little weird coz he wants to try is planking? Photo above is an example how crazy planking is. Google it up and you'l see a lot of crazy people doin the same thing...

Its been a long busy day. Its good though coz we came early. I aslo deposited some money onto my BDO account. I really need to start saving again. Feels good actually depositing some dough onto your savings account.Heard a quote on tv lastnight and it sez, its not about how much you earn, its how much you save. made me think. If millionaires do budget, maybe i should budget as well. Who knows, i may become a millionaire myself! =)

Its already 12 my gawd and im still wide awake... Cant get over with Masterchef US... that show is really...thrilling., full of twists and very exciting. Im an avid fan!

I had fun today with Abby. We ate at Chowking. I just had siopao and a glass of milk tea. :) Very relaxing. Goodnight everyone!

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