Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Handicrafts with a View

We are on our way back and we passed by a handicraft store with a lovely view of Honda Bay on the side. Then we looked at these beautiful handicrafts. Abby is looking at this coral wind chimes...

Its beautiful actually but its kinda hard to transport. I just took photos of it and just bring the memories onto my blog...

This is our ride going back to the hotel. The ride was fast and really bumpy. I dunno if the suspension is not responsive anymore., or., its just bumpy and our driver doesnt give a rats shit with the condition of the road coz hes travelling real fast even if the road is rough..

These happy wood carvings catched my eye and the intricate design is really nice. All of these are hand crafted so its really special.

Saw abby striking a pose on one of the ornaments.. :)

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