Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gayuma ni Maria

Words are not enough to describe this place. Welcome to Gayuma ni Maria Restaurant over at V.Luna extension in Quezon City. I was fortunate enough to take photos of their delicious desserts. They will launch a deal wth their fabulous line of cakes and pastries at Ensogo. This one on top is their famous Twisted Pavlova. this cake is the one for all you who love fruits. Adorned with such artistry, this cake will surely satisfy your taste.

This cake is called Honeymoon Cake. Its actually a chiffon cake topped with Caramel Candies. Looks very tempting and delicious. Look at that oozing caramel on the side..... Yummy!

What i really like with this restaurant is not only their food is really good, but the way they name their dishes are simply unique. They have cakes called the "Forbidden Love" , "Broken Promises" and my favorite, "Beats Sex Anyday". If you happen to look at their menu, you cant help but smile... :)

Beats Sex Any Day. This cake is my bet for its name alone. Wait till you taste it! I really had a hard time shooting this one coz im mouth-waterring all over! All the cakes looks really delicious. 


I just have to include this. I ordered this one out of curiosity. This dish is called "tuliro". Its basically a nacho salad! I never seen red and purple nachos before. I tell you, this one is really delicious. I love it. Its one of their best sellers.

If you are looking for an interesting place to dine in, drop by Gayuma ni Maria over at V.Luna Extension. Im sure you will be delighted by the names of their food... And of course, how delicious their food is. Definitely im going back. Im going to try some of their great dishes soon. Watch out for their deal at Ensogo. They have great deals on these mouth-waterring cakes. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pena de Pato Wines

 Its always been a challenge shooting wines. Theres actually a proper way on how to light the bottle and I admit, i still dont know how to do it. So far this is my best effort. I really want to shoot wines in low key (dark background). For me, it looks more elegant. Its like you gave the product a dash of prestige. I dunno. Its just me. I just like it that way.

Ensogo will be running a deal with these wines. I dunno when but it will be really soon. Just watch out for it. Really need to practice more. Shooting bottles, glass.. playing with reflections and shadows is a skill. 

I really need to master this art. I guess i have more shots to click, more camera actuations to burn. ;) Till next time! Watch out for this deal! Visit for amazing products, travel discounts and good quality services. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What The Tea!!!

If you are an avid fan of drinking Milk Tea, this place is the one for you! What The Tea over at Banawe, Quezon City serves different flavors ranging from Black Tea, High Mountain Tea, Green Tea, and Oolong Tea, with fruity variations.

 I do apologize i havent listed down the names of the Milk Tea that i took photos of. As far as I can remember, the green one is actually green tea, layered in three different flavors. Then theres this one called Michael's Cranberry High Tea, their best seller..Thats the one with lots and lots of pearls on top.  Tastes delicious!

The best thing about this joint is the place itself. Its spacious. Its cozy and  the lighting is really amazing. You got to give it up to whoever designed this place. Its remarkable! 

I really love the modern design. The leather furniture that they used.I also love the color combination. Clean, modern and spacious. These will definitely make your Milk Tea experience worthwhile.  

What The Tea is running a deal with Ensogo. A 300 peso gift certificate is sold for only 149 pesos. Then for a 500 peso gift certificate, thru ensogo you can get it for only 249 pesos. Thats half the price! Visit for more details. See the deal here. What The Tea is located at 86 B Maria Clara Banawe, Sto. Domingo, Quezon City.  

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fila Watches

It just came to me, what if I try shooting watches using my 50mm 1.8.Undeniably this lens is really sharp and fast. I went on to my usual rig using the tripod and the shutter release chord and set my camera to bulb mode. 

Then for my apperture, i chose f/8 for that maximum clarity. Then for my ISO, i chose ISO100. Red is best on black so i chose a black felt backdrop. This only shows that the nifty fifty is a really good lens. I strongly agree that  every photographer should have this lens in their camera bag. Its light, its fast, its very sharp and very affordable.  

The Nikkor 50mm 1.8 costs less than 5,000 pesos. Its great for portraits, food and products. Its amazing in creating those lovely bokeh and the best lens when doing street photography.

Fiesta Bites Bibingka

Classic Bibingka topped with Cheese
One of the most popular Filipino delicacy is the Bibingka. It is made with rice flour and coconut milk, sometimes with water. There are so many versions of the bibingka but usually its second ingredients are milk and eggs, salted eggs or cheese. Its quite an effort in making these and  Fiesta Bites somehow perfected the way to do it. They offer these mouth-watering Bibingkas everybody will enjoy! Once you open the box, the aroma is absolutely mesmerizing... You'l crave even more by the smell of it.  

Bibingka with Salted Eggs
This one with the salted eggs is really delicious! The saltiness does not overpower the taste. It kinda blends with the whole thing. I love it... i really do. When I was working with this one, I am dying to have a bite!  After the shoot, i probably ate 1 bibingka in less than 30 seconds! Absolutely delicious!  

Fiesta Bites Bibingka
Fiesta Bites will run a deal at Ensogo which is a limited offer only. For only 149 pesos, you will get 1 dozen of these delicious Bibingkas (valued at 300 pesos). 299 pesos for 2 dozens (valued at 600 pesos). Thats a great offer! Half the price for each dozen. So hurry! Buy your vouchers now at and enjoy this wonderful treat! You may find the deal by clicking this link . 

I would like to thank Joyce for the props, those salted eggs kinda worked. And the butter for that extra glaze and shine. I kinda burned the cheese a little but it still looks good though. Thanks Joyce :) Go buy your vouchers now! 

This deal is available at their Trinoma Branch, Lower Ground floor at Landmark and at Salcedo Market, Salcedo Village Makati. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken

Chicken Maryland
When I was on my way to my photoshoot at Getaway Spa over at Sgt. Esguerra, I came by this really eye catching restaurant. Sign is in big, bold, yellow text situated on a red background. Very effective sign i tell you because it difinitely caught my attention. The place  looks very fresh and new. When I saw the posters, the food there looks delicious. I just said to myself that im going in there after my shoot. It suddenly became a goal after work. A price for hard work! What is this place?  Welcome to Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken! 

Chicken Maryland
Food there is really delicious. I asked for their best seller which is the Chicken Maryland. I wanted to try their burgers but im on a hurry so I just had the chicken. I have no plans to pull out my camera but I cant resist. I chose the window seat and pulled out my 50mm. Then I kept on firing away. Again, even though im dead starving, I still managed to take photos of the chicken. Man.., the chicken looks really delicious. Skin is really delicious. Meat is so tender. Plus the sauce is awesome! After taking the photos, I instantly devoured a big piece on that thigh! I tell you this is so damn good. I really love the taste. Specially the skin. This is one great meal at an affordable price! Costs around 160 pesos. 

Spicy Lumpia
I also tried their Chili Lumpia, better known as Dynamite to some. But this one is special because it has ground pork inside than the usual green pepper and cheese. Its so delicious. Costs around 220 pesos for 8 pieces. Not bad because its really really good. I had it to go and shared it to my officemates and they  loved it as well.

fun and quirky interior design
What I like the most at Tornado is the Interior Design of their restaurant. Its really fun looking! Look at those shapes and curves. Very minimalistic and effective. Quirky and fun designs that is really interesting. Kudos to the people who designed this place. Good job!

Please drop by at Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken over at Sgt Esguerra Avenue. They are located near ABS-CBN and they have this big red sign im sure you wont miss. Food there is really great. Thanks to the cashier who seems to be a very jolly person when I was there. Shes really nice. Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken, im sure you will love it. Cant way to try out their burgers...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Getaway Spa

Love to jump in that really nice looking jacuzzi
 I never been to a spa as big as this before. Getaway Spa over at Sgt. Esguerra Ave near ABS-CBN is probably one of the largest spa in the city. It has 2 large Jacuzzis and theres even small jacuzzis at the side. 

classy interiors makes it really soothing in the eyes
With its cozy interior design, im sure you will be relaxed hanging out here. Here is their manicure and pedicure area. Look how intricate the design of the room. Soft chairs.. ambient lighting. Its really wonderful.  

area is very clean and it smells good too
Lockers are properly placed in order for your stuff to be safe and sound while you relax at their jacuzzi.  

a place to relax
 This is the common area where massages are done. Light is too bright from this photo for photoshoot purposes but usually its really dim for that relaxing experience... 

couples room
They also have this really nice couples room. Two beds for massages then the bathroom is nearby if you wish to take a quick shower. 

sauna room
They also have a Sauna if you wish to steam out all that love handles... I never tried this before and when i saw this i was quite sold and im kinda thinking of visiting this place in the near future...

If you have time to relax for a little bit, visit Getaway Spa and im sure you will definitely enjoy your stay. Currently they are running a deal with Ensogo. Visit the website and avail of their special offer. See the deal here . Id like to thank Ms. Aida of Getaway spa for touring me around at their wonderful place. Hope to visit the spa once again someday. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Izumi Sake Bar Lounge

Great food at Izumi
If you are dying to try one of the best Tonkatsus in town, you should give Izumi Sake Bar Lounge a try. They  probably have the best Tonkatsu I ever tasted. Izumi is located near Burgos Circle over at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Just beside Rue Bourbon. They house the best Sakes in town. Food there is really awesome. 

very delicious gyoza
I also tried their delicious gyoza. Its a taste beyond words. Simply gratifying. Its a little spicy. Not too hot though, just mild. I also love their BBQs and meatballs. You also have to try their Miso soup! Its really delicious and good for your health. 

pork tonkatsu at its best
I almost forgot, their potato salad is to die for. I love it. Its perfect for refreshing your palette after that succulent meal.  Izumi is launching a deal at Ensogo. For only 360 pesos, you will have a serving of Tori Karaage, spicy salmon, tongkatsu, miso soup, potato salad and iced tea good for three! Thats a great deal I tell you. (valued at 700 pesos)

almost got caught by the police by taking this photo
So if you have some time to chill, go grab a bite at Izumi. For sure you will have a delightful experience. Theres also a bar at the 2nd floor. They even have a dancing pole and they usually have pole dancers around to entertain you. Visit Izumi, Im sure you will have a great time.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Martabak Indonesian / Malaysian Cafe

Chicken Satay
Martabak Cafe over at SM Mall of Asia is one of those authentic Indonesian / Malaysian restaurants in the country. If you love Chicken Satay, Kway Teow Goreng, Curry Laxa, Rendang, and Martabak Telur,  this place is the one to go to. One of my favorites is the Chicken Satay, pictured above. The chicken is very tender! Dip it in to its special sauce and slowly savor the goodness. This is one great meal. 

Martabak Telur
Also tried this dish called Martabak Telur. Its an Indonesian appetizer.Really great comfort food.Its basically chicken fillings dipped in curry sauce. This is one of my favorites at Martabak. This is so good.. Yummy as in.

Kway Teow Goreng
This one is the Kway Teow Goreng. Its a Malaysian delicacy consists of flat noodles, prawns, monggo sprouts and other spices.  Pinch a slice of lemon and its heaven..This is one delicious dish. I love it. 

This dish is called the Rendang. Its a dish from Indonesia. Its more like Caldereta in taste. I like it because its a little spicy in taste. Tastes really really good. You should probably order some extra rice for this one! 

Curry Laxa
This one is their Curry Laxa. Its basically noodles with a curry soup. This dish originated in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. I love the taste of this one due to its intimate spicyness.. I dunno what that means bit its really good. Topped with some slices of tofu made this dish spectacular. Love this dish... 

Ensogo will be running a deal with Martabak Cafe and all of these costs for only P549 pesos. Its a great deal coz you will have 5 amazing dishes which will definitely satisfy your appetite. It comes with rice and Iced tea. You should consider this one. This is for a limited time only! Check out the ensogo deal here.  

Im not really a fan of Indonesian and Malaysian food until I tried the awesome dishes here at Martabak Cafe. Its delicious, affordable, and it gives out that out of Manila feel. Come visit Martabak Cafe over at SM Mall of Asia. Im sure you wont regret dining here. Many thanks to Ms. Loida for her warm hospitality. Also to Cielo for helping me out with the photoshoot. Thanks again! Martabak Cafe, simply delicious!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mann Hann's Taipao

Mann Hann's Taipao
It been a while since i blogged.. probably because of the things that happened to me recently. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally wrecked this pass few weeks and I dont know what to do but drown myself with work. Work tremendously on weekdays and now.. work on weekends. Good thing about my job is i love doing it. Somehow, this is the only one that makes me happy... anyways., sorry for ranting. I just have to let that out. 

I went to this birthday party at Mann Hann over at San Juan. I was really early and very hungry. I was anxious on what to order and just decided to order some Siopao. The waiter suggested to order one of their best sellers - The Taipao. 

I tell you this siopao is big! They sliced it in fours so its easier to eat. By the way, this thing took a while to arrive to my table. I was so hungry i could eat a horse! Grabbed my first bite and damn it was so delicious.  

I ordered my favorite asado siopao. Its loaded with Salted Egg and a lot of meat. It was tremendously good i didnt mind how big it was. Good thing I was really hungry coz if im not, i couldnt have finished the whole thing. 

Next time you dropped by Mann Hann, try their Taipao.., its awesome in size, awesome in taste!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Light Painting Technique

Casio Duro 200
These past few days i have been doing a lot of light painting with most of the products that I shoot at the studio. Using this technique gives me the freedom to produce awesome highlights and shadows. I learned this technique when I attended Laya Gerlock's Advanced Photography workshop about 3 months back. 
Light Painting is really fun actually. It gives you that added control where you want to put the strong lights and their shadows. All you need is an enclosed room where you can turn off all the lights and make the room really dark as in Pitch Black. Your going to need a tripod as well and a flashlight. A cellphone will do as long as it gives out that white light. 

Everlast Watches from Time Depot
Place your products onto the table. Make sure they are secured. Then set up the camera onto the tripod. In photographing watches, i make sure the hands are at 10:10 position. Why? Because of the symmetry of the hands to the watch. Its evenly placed. It will make your photo more professional. For your camera settings, my aperture, I use f/8 to f/11, for my shutterspeed, i set it to 20 seconds, for my ISO, i use 200. I shoot on auto white balance or sometimes cloudy. Now focus on the brand of the watch which is usually at the top center of the watch. It is best to use a Shutter release chord if you may. After everything is focused, place your camera into Manual Focus setting. Bring out your flashlight or your phone. In my case, I use my iPhone when im doing my lightpainting. I downloaded this flashlight app at the apple store for free. Its basically a white wall paper.   

Jaqcue Martin Watches
Now turn off the lights. We are now ready to paint! Like I said everything should be dark to make this project really good. When everything is dark and ready, press the shutter of your camera and  begin light painting. Turn on your flashlight and slowly illuminate the sides of your watch..then the top then the bottom. Make sure theres no glare on the watch's glass as you lightpaint. If it does., do the same procedure once again. So there you go! simple as that. Try it sometimes :)

I also want to share Laya Gerlock's lightpainting technique here