Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sci-Fi Cafe

When i was a kid, there were two things that i really love...eating and playing with my toys. Imagine two of your best things in life combined in one place....i felt like a kid once again. Welcome to Sci-Fi Cafe at the 4th Floor of Robinson's Galleria. It's heaven for all of you toy lovers out there..Specially if you love action figures from Star Wars, Marvel Superheroes and so much more! Picture on top is the delicious nachos.... its soooo good promise. 

I also love their seafood pasta.. this is a must try. One of the cafe's best seller. 

You also wanna order this meat pizza called "The Armageddon" Its really delicious! I enjoyed eating this one

You should also try their famous Steve Rogers burger! Its flame grilled to perfection! Love it!

the toys are awesome. Some of them are rare collectibles like this one. If you will look at the detail of Tony will be amazed...

The toy collection is just...i dunno how to explain it..bsta ang dami! I so love the action figures. These toys are quite just so amazed with the collection. The owner said he started collecting around 10 years ago...

The good thing about this store is that we can play with some of the toys. Thats me with Aila with our really nice light even creates that woozing sound when you turn it on! I so love the storm trooper helmet!!!!! 

 at the end of the day...not only my tummy is full.. but also my was really fun shooting this one! Go visit Sci-fi cafe, im sure you will enjoy it too. Specially when you go with your kids. 


  1. What's not to love about the Sci-Fi cafe? I think everything in it is awesome and yummy because of the food and the toy displays in the cafe itself.

    Just found out just now that Metrodeal has a deal for the Sci Fi Cafe:

  2. its just a great place! i enjoyed my dinner there! It's like im a kid again! And their Nachos are so delicious!!!!!!!!!


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