Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Tattoo Wives Photoshoot at P&P Tattoo

To be honest, i really find women with tattoos...very sexy, alluring and hot. Im actually lost in words to describe them. This is a great privilege shooting at P&P Tattoo in Makati. Many thanks to my officemate, Rona, for inviting me at this shoot. She is writing a blog titled " The Tattoo Wives ". She needs portraits of these lovely ladies who are the wives of Tattoo artists. It was a lonely friday night and I got nowhere else to go but home and I was glad Rona saved me. Me and my other officemate EJ worked our cameras and lights for this one of a kind shoot. 

Raquel and Carol were very easy to work with. They were like professional models actually. They know how to pose, how to project, and they were very patient. The first location was at the Hotel room. I played with my lights on this one using a 2-strobe set-up. I placed my huge softbox umbrella top left and another speedlight on the right with an improvised snoot. The shadows at the back are kinda weird..but..i dunno it kinda looks cool though.. I made this one black and white to add a little drama..  

I really wanted to highlight Raquel's rose tattoo in this picture. 

We went downstairs to the tattoo parlor and images are starting to flicker inside my head. I thought of something like this. I wanted to capture Carol, in her fair white skin, being inked., like her first time... Again placed my ever reliable softbox umbrella top left.. and another speedlight with a snoot on lower right of the model. I really want that dark background to conceive the clutter from behind. Im happy with this one. This is one of my favorite photos from the shoot.   

 Its Raquel's turn and I also asked her to do the same pose but this time in her arm. Id like to thank Francis, Rona's husband for being so cooperative.

I made Francis and Rona a portrait. I find this one really nice. Francis is one of P&P Tattoo's premiere tattoo artists. He's one of the best in his craft.  

 Like I said earlier, i am really honored to be part of this photoshoot. I had fun and I really had a great time.  This is actually my first time to shoot inside a tattoo parlor. Not only that, this is my first time to do a portrait shoot with  tattooed women! Another addition to my portrait porfolio, something new. Maiba naman hindi puro food... :)  I wanna thank again Rona for this one., for the invite. I wanna thank our lovely models, Carol and Raquel. I also wanna thank Francis.. i dragged him to do the poses.. and also to my fellow photographer E.J. for lending me his extra flash.. thanks bro! Id love to have another shoot like this someday. 
Visit Rona's awesome blog about the Tattoo Wives at 

Another happy shoot. It was tiring but very fulfilling. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bolinao Madness!

This is my 1st time to visit the beautiful city of Bolinao in Pangasinan. I never knew that place is really nice... I saw the pictures from blogs and they'r beaches are so beautiful! My officemates marie and tracy are kinda celebrating their birthdays with the rest of the production team and they decided to go to this awesome place. I was lucky to be invited and all of us were really excited for the trip. It was a long long drive.. its a 7 hour trip from our office in Global City all the way to Pangasinan. Our butts really cramped out but its all good! 

First up is the majestic Bolinao Falls! It looks really good! The water is soooo cold. Such a magnificent place and I do hope that the locals maintain this natural thing of beauty for the other generations to enjoy...

Then we went to visit St. James the Fortress church at the town proper of Bolinao. Church was really old..  its been there during as early as 1600's. It was built by the Augustinians in 1609. 

Facing the church is the Bolinao Townhall. It looks really old as well. Its like a national treasure. One of the oldest looking buildings that i saw there..

Right at the entrance of the church, you'l see a lot of these. Its a local delicacy called "Binunguey" or simply suman sa kawayan. Me and E.J. was curious how it tastes and we bought 4 huge pcs for only 100pesos. It tastes good actually. Its very heavy in the tummy!

We went to this place close to the townhall., im sorry i forgot the name of the place. Its actually a hotel and their restaurant is at the top and they serve one of the most delicious sisig ever. Look at it.. its heaven on a sizzling plate! Its really good... 

What good is a plate of sizzling sisig without beer! We enjoyed this one, down to the last drop! Kampai Kampai!! *Burp! 

This is the view from the window. You can see there rice fields and the waves. Its a sight to see.. better after you just ate a lot! 

Then we went to this place called the Bolinao Lighthouse. Looks old as well.. I had some photo ops here with my buddies.

I even had a photo op of my own! Damn i look funny...and weird.. i dunno..

Time to hit the beach!!!! Oh yeah baby. The beach was awesome. White sands... and it felt really good touching my feet. Its been a while since i went to the beach.. I definitely missed it. Right now as im writing this blog.. i still imagine my feet buried beneath the sands... 

Camera has this really nice panoramic feature and took advantage of it... 

Tracy along with her boys! 

Beach Bumms! We bought some beers, some chips.. then i cranked up my Creative speakers, (oh yes i brought it along!) and played some Bob Marley and 311 songs! It was paradise at that moment! Time stopped...forgot about anything.. until some of us received a call and had to finish some tasks at work... Even at the beach, work still haunts us...

But then again we still had fun! Goodtimes...

One of my favorite captured moments from the trip. 

It was an awesome adventure. We really had fun that day. We visited some local sites, experienced a local delicacy, visited a really old church then we went to the beach., listened to Bob Marley along with overflowing ice cold RedHorse! What a vacation. It was short.. but it was sweet. We really enjoyed it! Till next time. I hope everybody from prod team will be there next time..