Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby Sam's Baptismal

I was fortunate to be part of another momentous event. Its Baby Sam's baptismal. He's my friend's first son. A junior actually. Me and Marco took care of the photo duties for that event. Baby Sam's smile is simply adorable. He's just so cute.

Among all the photos, this one is my favorite. Isnt that the cutest? By looking at them is just so pure. I so wanna touch his feet coz its really cute. I have a thing with feet and this is probably the cutest set of toes ever.

Baptismal took place at the Sta Clara. Parish Church in Pasig City. It was very nice looking church. Standing bold and very tall. Some say it is the tallest church in the country. Very beautiful church.

It was a mass baptismal actually. I believe there were 20 babies ready to be baptized on that day. So everything went fast. This was a surprise coz the priest snuck off my back and im caught off guard. I just did my hail mary shot over here and good thing my hail mary prayers gave me this wonderful top shot.

After that baptismal ceremonies, we went to the clubhouse of Riverfront Residences for the reception. The place was nice. took a photo of the place before the chairs and tables are brought in. Love the food. The pasta was great. Thanks to Carlo for the beers.

Really had a great time. Id like to thank again Carlo and his brother Sherwyn for inviting me and Marco for Baby Sam's baptismal. That boy is really cute. Thanks again.

Something bad went wrong that day. I think my Nikon SB600 broke. It wont fire anymore. Its not that the bulb is not broken. It fires when I use the test flash. But when i attach it to my camera or firing it using the remote, it miss fires... i really dont know if theres a setting in my camera that i accidentally tweaked which causes the problem. I really dont know. Without my speedlight, its impossible to shoot in an event specially indoors. Its like you have a gun, but u cant see your enemy. Im just hopin my speedlight is not broken. Just some unkown setting thats makin me miserable.

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