Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Big Alex Lechon

Golden Brown to its finest! Pakurot nga! 
Lechon Lechon Lechon! Ooh I so love Lechon. But I never seen Lechon that looks like this before. It is called "Lechon Belly Roll" by Big Alex Lechon over at New Manila in Quezon City. It is like the delicious part of the lechon less the bones (and the apple at the snout). Shooting this one made me really hungry, I am dying to pinch the skin of the lechon. 

Crispy skin, soft meat. 
We sliced it in half and the smell is sooo good. I was actually asking for some rice by the time i was shooting this one coz i really want to try it. When I took a bite, the skin is so crispy! The taste is sinfully good! So delicious.. 

Its sinfully good!
Dunk it in to the special gravy for some added satisfaction. This slab over here weighs about 4 pounds and it can feed about 10 to 12 people.  

Extra rice please!
 The meat is soft and tender. It has this "tanglad" (my mom told me its called lemon grass in english) stuffing and the lechon belly comes with its own liver sauce. To place your order, just call (+632)4894050. Make sure to order in advance. Big Alex Lechon is located at 71 Santander Lane, 6th Street, New Manila QC. Watch out for their deal at Ensogo for great discounts!  

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