Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lunch at Atzu Atzu

This was a surprise photoshoot for me. I was busy working when my officemate pulled me out of my post and asked me that she wants me to go with her for a photoshoot for one of our clients. I am not informed that i'll have one today so i was caught off guard by this..

We went to Atzu Atzu Restaurant over at Araneta Ave. Its a chinese slash korean restaurant that caters sumptuous dishes surely everybody would love to have.

I really need to practice my skills on shooting food. Generally on product photography itself. Im havin a hard time workin on the shadows and i think it would be really nice if all the shadows are well taken care off.

Im not happy with my shots actually. This is as good as it gets.

They offer this for only 300 pesos thru Ensogo. Not bad huh? The meal is good for two people. It inlcudes a very large hearty soup., 4 Gyozas, Tempura, Rice, a salad dish, a papaya creatively styled and 2 glasses of ice tea. Its really good.

He's responsible for some (or a lot) of the dishes in Atzu Atzu. Gave him a really nice portrait shot for profile's sake.

Good times! =)

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