Monday, September 5, 2011

Dali Restaurante y Bar de Tapas

I never knew that spanish food is really good! Me and abby had dinner at one of the finest spanish resto in the metro - The Dali Restaurante y Bar de Tapas. The spanish experience is really good! Just near ABS-CBN compound, these authentic Spanish style restaurant is simply out of the ordinary. I bought the voucher at Ensogo and i just gave myself a reasonable discount. Abby is into spanish food herself and she was excited to have a taste of what Dali can offer. Since she likes seafood, this Paella Valenciana is perfect. It has shrimps, scallops and mussels stir-fried with this very delicious rice that i dunno whats in it just tastes really good!

Before our food arrived, our very hospitable waitress gave us an appetizer. She served us some bread and some salsa. This was an instant favorite for the two of us. Its really delicious. I dont mind if its cold.. its just so good! They even gave us some extra bread.. =)

By her looks, she definitely love the Salsa. That first bite is awesome. Im not really good in describing food but i tell you., you will definitely love it i swear. This actually made me crave so much more and probably this is the best way to wait for your food to arrive!

Sangria was good. Im not a real fan of red wine but this one made the exception. Its refreshing, love the taste of the apples and it has this certain kick.. =) love it!

We ordered the Plato Mixta. Its Dali's mixed platter of meats, sausages, cheese, dips and olives.

Abs taught me to eat it this way. Put the cheese at the bottom, then put on the sausage top it with the glazed onion. Man its a burst of something good once you put it in ur mouth. Its really good! (im kinda craving for it now..)
You can also try to mix the olives and the cheese and that bacon-like meat.., its also good!

Attempting to do another piece . Its so addicting... im actually thinking of getting back! hehe

The place is kinda dark.. but the warm lights makes it really cozy. Add up the spanish inspired songs like Volare!! - this place is like a warp zone to Spain!

Both of us really enjoyed the dinner. This is a damn good deal by ensogo for and i am so thankful for it. We are so full and its time for dessert! We stopped by at Shell at commonwealth and bought ourselves some Ice Cream... Ice cream at Select like the good ol days.. :)

What a great night! :)

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