Thursday, September 8, 2011

Watches by Tomato

I am late again for the nth time my gawd! My bed just engulfed me and getting up is quite a challenge! As I arrived, Mam Golda asked me to take pictures of these products from Tomato. I gathered up my gear and set it up at the pantry. Used both of my Nikon SB600 to illuminate the small room. Triggered by my cheapo Yongnuos.

The photo above is one of the last photos i took just outside our office. Just around the elevator area. My friend Cara told me that it would be better if there's someone to model this fabulous watches rather than shooting the product itself. I asked my modelicious officemates, Renz and Luisa to model for these watches free of charge!

Back to my strobist rig at the pantry, i took product shots of the watches. This one looks really good specially when you're wearing something colorful or.. it can go well when you're wearing longsleeves or a polo shirt...

They also have this gorgeous piece over here for women perfect if you're wearing a dress or something formal. The intricate designs of the stones around the watch makes it elegant. Perfect for Luisa's outfit since shes wearing something formal yesterday (i guess shes out on a date later! haha binisto eh no?) . Good thing she agreed for an impromptu shoot! :)

Luisa's natural beauty is very alluring and I have to agree the camera loves her. Her photogenic facade captivates a lot of people. While viewing the photos ,people passing by cant help saying.. "wow..." , "is that Luisa?" "Naks! Pwede Pwede!". True impressions to attest her remarkable modelling attributes! Ikaw na ang ensogo model! hehe

I didnt know that tomato also sells watches. I thought they only sell clothes and accessories. These watches are not bad at all and they are all coming soon for a great discount at ensogo-living social. This his and hers watch over here looks really good. I have to shoot it at this level in order to capture that lovely reflection at the bottom.

This only shows i have a lot to learn more with photography... I really need to practice and focus on the techniques to level up or simply survive at the field. Sometimes, im lost on what to do about lighting conditions, what settings should i use. As for shooting fashion, what poses should choose? How do i light the model? Where is the perfect place to put my strobes and what setting should i use for the strobes? Gawd! Theres so much to think about unlike your ordinary point and shoot! But this stuff is my daily grind and learning through it is gratifying for me coz doing something that I really love makes stress a little less stressful. =) Toast toast kampay!

Good job guys! Thanks to Luisa and Renz for modelling, and to Cara who held the strobes and reflectors. Salamat!

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