Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Red Velvet Cake from Blueberry & Company

Luscious Red Velvet.. satisfaction all over..
 This is my first shoot of the week. Ived been dead sick yesterday and now products are starting to pile up one by one. Technically this is my 2nd product to shoot. This red velvet cake is awesome and by the looks at it.. its really delicious. 

Every crumb is worth it. 
 Red Velvet, from its name., i has this class.. to some it kinda sounds expensive. Usually its a "sosyal" kinda cake just for its name. Maybe probably people who are at the VIP's are behind red velvet ropes... and some shoes made in velvet  are expensive as well. It is delicious to its name alone.

Great tasting plus great presentation is a win win combination
Anne helped me with the shoot. She's the one sliced the cake and raised it up to give it an enticing look. It is also important to make the red filling stand out. Good thing thing anne helped me with this one. She usually has great ideas in styling food... She worked with Mark Floro, a well known food photographer who is a master with his craft. 

my simple one light set-up for this shoot. 
I used a one-light setup for this shoot. I just bounced my  SB-600 onto the reflector. This is my favorite set-up so far because its really simple yet very effective. 

Watch out for this deal. Im sure you will definitely love this cake. Log in to http://ensogo.com.ph for more amazing deals!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Real Steel

This movie is really awesome. A must watch!

I really love this movie and i just want to include it down to my blog. I actually wanted to watch this film at the movies but sadly time is kinda scarce and i didnt had a chance. When my officemate told me that he has a ripped version of the movie, i immediately asked for a copy. Today., im somehow working sick at home.. i watched the movie for the first time at the comforts of our sala..  If you havent watched this one yet.. you should. Its one great movie. Its not just the robots boxing it out.. but the story is really nice as well. Its a really good father and son movie. Hugh Jackman is really amazing in this film. I like the kid's acting as well. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chinese New Year at The Lakeshore

This is one of the villas from Aeola East, a subdivision within The Lakeshore.  
My Brother Bam suddenly called and surprised us that hes coming home from Hong Kong! He invited us to go to The Lakeshore at Mexico Pampanga for this long weekend. Me and Papa took a long ride all the way from Fairview  to Pampanga at this hot, scorching weather. Good thing Sylvia pushed through real smooth and gave us a really nice sweet ride. I enjoyed the new car tint. It made our journey very comfy and cool. =)

The Aeola Villas are really nice. Its way bigger than the 1st ones that we rented. How i wish i can have a house like that someday. Its just perfect. Everything inside is very clean. The bathrooms are really nice. Very nice warm colors and to top it all, the air conditioning rocks! Love it. 

I never seen papa do this ever before. 
Kuya Bam wanted to go fishing and i said  huh? Fishing? I never fished in my entire life honestly. When we went to the shop, the lady said there are no more worms available.  Kuya somehow got depressed coz he really wanted to do this. So we just walked around the area and wished we have worms. I blurted out if we can just hook some fries for bait..maybe that would work..hehe. Axel who is persistent,  went to the shop and asked again. Lucky are we the staff dug-up worms across town coz a lot of people are asking for worms... We got a bowl full of earthworms and a fishing rod and we're set to go!

We asked the boatman to take the photo and he did  a pretty job!

Everybody should have a picture at the wharf. Its just beautiful with the Lighthouse at the background. We asked for Manong the boatman to take a photo of us. He's not only good driving boats but also a good photographer! I look crappy in this photo.. Due to hot weather perhaps...

This Lighthouse. The icon, the face of The Lakeshore.  

It was a really hot day and the clouds are awesome. Good thing Kuya brought along his camera.  Ignorance got me a little when i was fiddling with the controls of the D90! I got used with the the D7000 and stupid me got dumb-founded with the controls. If my D90 had a hand, it probably slapped me in the head!

Enjoying the fresh breeze. After this shot im itching all over.
Relax..... Letting time stop for a while. Just enjoying the cold breeze from the lake. The sound of the birds chirping and the smell of the newly trimmed grass. Confirmed, i got emo back then.. Hehe. They were busy fishing and I was busy laying around. Getting lazy...then got itchy!  Credits to Ate Ley for this photo. Just added some funk onto it. Colorsplashed!  

Axel's caught a small one that looks high on dope.
Seriously these fishes are on serious crack! Their eyes are so red they need visine for breakfast. We haven't caught anything bigger than this dude right here. Unlike from the photos from the shop where local anglers  caught freshwater monsters way bigger than their heads! These fishes are like babies..we just tossed them back...for a chance to grow and be eaten at the future...

Its nice seeing him like this unlike the usual scene where he grabs hold a  bottle of whisky
Our old man is having a great time out there. You can just see it on his face. Watching him having a great time is such a wonderful feeling. I think hes just too bummed out at home and he really needs a breather. Some fresh air. More pleasing sounds of nature than our annoying dogs... Papa.., well relaxed, reminiscing the good oL' times..

Mt.Arayat from afar. Just grabbed this photo from Kuya

Went swimming at the clubhouse.Perfect for this hot, sunny weather.

No tripod available, I just place the camera on the floor with my wallet holding the  lens.

That weekend was a great one. Just heard some revelations from my Father and from my Kuya. Things that i havent heard before. Its nice hearing something different from them, specially with Papa. I rarely see or hear him talk. Maybe because we dont ask. I didnt knew his life was so colorful it would pass for an episode for "Maalala Mo Kaya" . Thank goodness for all his sacrifices coz we wouldnt be here if he just fooled around.... Thanks Pa.. 

Its time to go home. When took another road-trip by bringing kuya to Tarlac. He will be staying at Ate Ley's till the end of his stay. When we arrived, the dining table is already waiting for us. They prepared ribs better than chillis! They'r so  damn delicious im so full like im gonna die..How i wish Abby was around... i know she love ribs so much...too bad she decided to stay behind.. =/ Dont worry beb, theres always a next time =)

Thanks to kuya for this long weekend full of corny jokes, long walks and somehow juicy revelations. Its rare to bond with the family which we dont really do... Even though Kuya Bam's stay was short, it was worth memorable. Me and Papa had a great time. Im excited for kuya's  future house at the Lakeshore. We will be visiting more often once its done! 


Just in from Ate Ley's email. This is the rendered perspective of kuya's house.  I love it. I so love modern contemporary architecture. Im sure this will be a really nice house once its built.  Good job kuya! :) 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Birthday Celebs!

Abby is one of the sweetest girl you'l ever meet. She always has this happy aura. You can always see her smile and with her soft voice.. even with a stressful day its just like a breeze...

Today is Abby's birthday and not only she got 1 cake.. not two.. she got 3 cakes all in all!!! Her team mates surprised her and even got Ms. Golda as their asset. 

Happy Birthday Abs! Stay cool. stay nice and keep that jokes coming! Say hello to the bright young people behind Merchant Services! Nice cake over there Abs! :)

Marie celebrated her birthday days back and Ms Janis brought some spaghetti and this delicious cake. Notice the candle is crooked?  Never seen a crooked  candle before on a birthday cake.. The cake was awesome. I believe its from Chef Stans. One of our deals at Ensogo.   

On the other hand, Shine is also celebrating her birthday! The marketing team gave her a surprise. Even pat gave her s surprise hug.. =)

Shine blowing one of her cakes.. even allen gave her help!

Its Ms. Sheila's birthday! I bet that cake tastes real good..

Donna and Cora had a double celebration as well as they blew one of their cakes. This strawberry cake from Contis is really good...

Meann also celebrated her birthday along with her teamates from customer service. That Mango Bravo over there is one of my favorites! 

I so love this picture. The text above says it all... Live hungry.. crave for some more... =)  Its Abigail's Birthday and what a way to celebrate it with her closest friends. They are more like sisters... They go out together, have lunch together.. have breaks together and even get stressed together! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sweet Bella

Now this is sight for sore eyes! Ms. Jem, one of our managers asked me to take a photo of this really delicious cake from Sweet Bella. Soon to be launched at Ensogo-LivingSocial. Its my pleasure shooting this one coz it looks really good! Cant wait for this one. Visit Ensogo and watch out for this deal. Yummy!

Another shot of this amazing cake. Im a sucker for strawberries and im sure im gonna love this one.. Although its quite expensive. Standard retail price for this cake is P1,700 pesos!   According to their website - this is their original creation..made with crunchy cashew crust layered with Chantilly cream and topped with fresh strawberries. Love the butterflies though.. hehe

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mini Cupcakes from Frostings

I had six products photographed yesterday... I took photos of Bery'l's Chocolate - surprisingly box lang walang laman.. (boxes only). Then i photographed products from WBCL - 1. The Coil Hose 2. The Glass Cleaner. After that i took photos of these really rad 2 in 1 shoes..when you zip it down., it turns into sandals! =) Then i had a reshoot for the Everlast watch - which i love but i have many watches already so i might just...take that urge away..

Then this is the last product i photographed, its a product from Frostings. Mini Cupcakes sprinkled with colored sugar! Very tempting. Mouth-watering. Its screaming goodness right at the packaging!

The white cupcakes are red velvet. Too bad i didnt took a photo slicing it at the middle. When i saw clarisse (our awesome graphics lady) munching on these goodies, i saw the insides are red... should have taken a photo of that. These cupcakes are so good its so addicting. Although its kinda sweet. This is an instant favorite for all those who have a sweet tooth out there.

This is my share. I do think mixing blue colored sugar with brown chocolate is somehow contrasting but what the hell. It tastes good! Once my teeth sunk on to the chocolate - the world paused for 2 seconds. Instant gratification! These mini cupcakes will soon be launched at Ensogo-Livingsocial most probably next week. Im sure a lot of people will enjoy this deal.

Its been a long day for me. I got scared a little earlier coz my reflector accidentally fell down and it went right through wine bottles which stumbled down one by one... Good thing it didnt broke! It made this really loud noise and it caught everybody's attention..definitely made a scene. Akward moment.. ooh well..

Make sure to log-in to Ensogo-Livingsocial and catch great deals such as these! Happy long weekend to everyone of you!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Daily Grind

Sometimes its a sight for sore eyes. This is my Bin. This is where i place most of my camera gear. And when im sleepy, this part of the bin is the first one i pull coz it has my stash of coffee... Theres also a can of tuna there just in case im really really hungry...

Good morning!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Its More Fun in the Philippines!

Department of Tourism came up with a new slogan for their drive to boost tourism in our country. Its says, Its more fun in the Philippines. I find it really good inspite of the criticism it gets. I gathered some of my favorite photos and tagged them with our country's new tourism slogan.

This one above is one of my favorites so far. I took this one when we are backpacking at Mt. Pulag and it was one of my favorite destinations so far. Its freaking cold actually (0 to 5 degrees C ) but the experience is really awesome!

One of my favorite filipino dishes is the Tokwat Baboy. Its basically tofu mixed with pork, soy sauce, onions and pepper. This is best partnered with an ice cold beer. My favorite combination! Took this one when i visited Sonsi's at Pioneer St.

Coron in Palawan is also one of my favorite places here in our country! White sand beaches. Crystal blue waters. Its just amazing. Beach Bumming is definitely fun here at Coron! Its a must see.. must experience! If you havent been there.. you should! Its awesome. Worth the money! :)

This is my sunset photo i took when we had our landscape workshop with sir Allan Baredo (check out his site Lantaw.blogspot.com). He has this enormous talent with landscape photography and he shared us some of his techniques. This is such an awesome sunset at Dasol Pangasinan. What a great place indeed.

Theres a lot of photos to post here actually. Our country has a lot of great places. Amazing traditions and very hospitable people. Lets help our country to boost tourism. Tag your fave photos as well. :)


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tasty Lipbalms

At first i thought these are chocolates! It looks so real! When i openned i and held it.. its made of plastic! I asked Veron what da hell is this? She said those wer lip balms! I never seen anything like this before! This is definitely one of those great gifts you'l give this Valentines Day.

These wonderful works of art are really fun to look at. Lip balms are essential to us since it helps us fight chapped lips. What more if you have something fun looking like this. Cute and functional.

These sundae lipbalms are really cute. You can actually make it as a keychain...

Honestly, i had fun taking photos of these lipbalms. This one smells really good! It has this fruity scent im sure you will love kissing someone who wears it! Hehe. The ice cream idea is really cute as well.

The goodies are enclosed in boxes like these and from afar., its surely looks like chocolate. :) I think im gonna buy one of these as a present for Valentines Day. I just hope its not that expensive!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chocolates and Citylights

God these Crinkles are to die for. This monday., i think we will launch our Hungrypac deal and its gonna be awesome. It was an honor for me to take the photos of the chocolate cake and the crinkles. I love Crinkles and i cant wait to taste one. This is really good with coffee. I tell you. its heaven in every bite! Watch out for it on www.ensogo.com.ph !

Too bad i didnt had the chance to taste this chocolate cake given by Ms Jem. I was so full back then. Sabi ko sa sarili ko., mamaya na lang.. kukuha ako isa. Too bad when i was about to get one., ubos na! Oh well. Thanks Ms Jem for the cake! Appreciate the gesture. In behalf of the whole prod team. Thank you!

Took this one last friday night. My officemate Cathy is selling home made peanut butter and its so delicious. This jar costs around P135 and its a good deal coz its really delicious. My good friend Gil just bought some mini pandesals over at artisan (sosyal!) coz he cant stand the hunger bugging him. I was the first one to go grab a piece and gave a generous amount of p.butter on that mini pandesal.. Gawd its just perfect! I asked clarisse to hold on to the bread as i took this photo :)

Another night has gone and the lights at Bonifacio Global City is gorgeous once again. This is the view at our Balcony. Ms Jem sighed and even framed the image with her fingers and told herself that would make a really good photo, "Ganda picturan!" When i went to my table., i saw my camera laying around and said whattaheck.. lets take a photo.. then here it is! :) Lovely BGC lights...

I noticed that i dont take a lot of pictures lately.. Nagsawa na ba ako? I dunno... But everytime i grabe a hold of my camera... shutter clicks haunt my head like my camera is begging me to take some shots... hehe. weird. Anyways., stay dry on this rainy Sunday.. Take care everyone..

Monday, January 2, 2012

Lets Salsa!

I was on my way back to my desk when i saw my team standing up and like clobbering on something... They were munching on Boss Janis office made salsa with Snyder's tortilla chips! Its so good! Love it! Thanks Ms. Janis! =)