Saturday, March 10, 2012

Zuzuni Boracay

 Our Boracay stay is simply gratifying to our bellies! We tried  Italian, Indian and Filipino food. Now its time for something different.. we have to try something Greek! Our good friend Jap recommended this restaurant by the beach called Zuzuni.     

 The name itself seems interesting. Cant wait to taste their food! The interior is gorgeous. The red walls looks good. The couch is very soft and the bathroom is really nice. Im proud to say, this restaurant is the next level. 

 This dish is called Moussaka. It is like lasagna with eggplant in it. Its really good! I ate a lot of this dish. Lasagna is actually my favorite dish among the family of pastas. I thought the one on top is egg.. looks like scrambled eggs to me but its not.. Its actually cheese!  This is a must try. 

We also ordered some Cucumber salad. This is perfect if your on a diet. The mixture of the fresh cucumber cucumber slices, tomatoes, capers and black olives dressed with a special vinegrette is really good. They really go along together. Topped with feta cheese, some spices and herbs.. this dish is delicious and very healthy!  

 Zuzuni is like Cyma but.. the panoramic view of the beach makes it awesome! If you happen to love Greek and other Mediterranean dishes, this is place to go. There are also tents outside just in case the place goes crowded, you can go dine outside... 

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