Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kai Shu Japanese Restaurant

Kai Shu Japanese restaurant is one of the best authentic Japanese restaurants that you will find around the metro. It is located inside the Networld Hotel Spa and Casino along Roxas Blvd. cor. Gil Puyat Avenue. I really love Japanese food and this is a real treat for me. Photo on top is their delicious California Maki. One of their best sellers. 

As you can see from the outside, the place is rich in Japanese culture. Too bad i did not had the chance to take a picture of the huge Koi pond inside. It's a really nice place if you want that Japanese ambiance as you dine. 

The dining areas are divided in to small rooms. This is nice because you have a little privacy as you enjoy your food with your family or friends. I also love that you have to sit low with these japanese tables. i was kinda worried because im having a hard time eating in Indian sitting position...but to my surprise, beneath the table is hollow where you can actually rest your legs :)

Its time to eat! All those delicious dishes right in front of you is just overwhelming! I have to say, you will love my job... Food here in Kai Shu is just.. ugh.. delicious! 

i love this!

pork tonkatsu is really delicious

their gyoza is really good...

tempura is perfect!

their food for the Gods is a great ending for that sumptuous meal!

There's so much food!  Actually i love them all. What a dining experience! Im so full. My diet is wrecked! :) I would like to give  thanks to Faye, my partner for this shoot. She helped me around with the lights and stuff. To all the staff of Kai Shu over at Networld Hotel, thank you so much. As always, you have been very kind and hospitable. Thank you so much. Watch out for this deal soon launching at Ensogo! :)

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