Friday, October 21, 2011

Boracay Madness!

Ever been to a place where milk powder like sands clobber your feet? A place where people go to unwind and simply have fun? A place where beauty is scattered all around. To the people and its visitors who came from all over the world to party hard all night! To its awesome marine life and natural resources, To the sumptuous food served fresh and hot of the grill. To a place where you rest and have a good night sleep... Everywhere you go, beauty is inevitably found in all sorts and wonders.Where is this place? All of these are in BORACAY!

When they asked me to go to Boracay to take photos, I took it as a joke. Ms Kathy utterly gave me the words once again : "You are going to Boracay to take pictures of our merchant hotels and also for some stock photos". I thought I was dreaming coz they are sending me to one of the best place on earth for FREE! Its Boracay for crying out loud and damn i was so stoked about it!Reality sinked in when they handed me my ticket. This is so unreal...

Ived been to Boracay last 2006 with my family. The island mesmerized me with its undeniable beauty. Even though its insanely crowded, its pristine waters and superfine white sand made this place on top of my favorites destinations. Boracay sands are simply mysterious. When you step on it, its cold! Even on high noon!

The sailboats are new to me. They dont have it the first time ived been here. Or maybe there was., but now all of their sails are in the same color. For 800 pesos, you can have a boat ride sitting on the boat's out triggers or in Filpino, "Katig ng Banka" (oh yeah i googled it up!). It has this weaved net rigged where you can sit on, or even lay on as you cruise your way. It takes you from station one to station three. The best thing about it is that once the boat is sailing., you can just dip your feet on to the water and let the ocean massage your tired and stressed feet...

The great thing about my stay is the weather! Its more than perfect! I'l be staying only for a day and it would be pain-stakingly hassleness if rains pour down on me . With the great sunny weather, i had a chance to take awesome pictures of Boracay's marvelous beach front. Too bad i forgot to put on some sun block and it gave me that Nog-Nog skin tone that i hate. But as they say.. when you got it in Boracay, its alll goooood....

Since its scorching hot at the beach, it would be really nice to have that cold fix to guzzle up. I ordered this super delicious Strawberry shake and enjoyed it at the beach side... Its so good. That feeling of sippin on somethin great while closing your eyes and as you open it you'l see one fine beach in front of you.... it just makes you say..... ahhhhh.. this is life..

Im on my way to visit the famous Boracay Shrine. I saw this boat and it struck me to take a postcard like photo. I laid down my gear and took some shots. Love the colors... The blue sky blends with the white sand then the contrast of the yellow "banca" gave it a beautiful distinction. Love it! So happy i have a better camera than i used to. I can easily tweak the right settings that i want that would be really difficult if you use an ordinary 2 megapixel point and shoot. Its just the beauty of technology. But in fairness, that humble camera started my career and i wouldnt be here if im not addictingly taking pictures before... Everybody should start on something and usually we start small...

At last! The beautiful shrine of Boracay! You might find it weird shooting at this angle. I also want to emphasize the beautiful curved lines of the sand rather than the shrine itself. Besides there are so many people taking pictures on the rock and its impossible to shoo them away. So i just thought of shooting it this way with less distractions and simply focus on the subjects. I have a closer shot actually but all you can see there is sexy koreans with their hands on a peace sign, taking their group and family photos :)

That was a super long walk by the beach and my throat is all dried up. Then something like a gift from heaven dropped down in front of me as i saw one f Boracay's finest fruitshake places - Jonah's fruitshake! A lot of people say that you shouldnt leave boracay without tasting their awesome fruitshakes. I ordered my favorite Mango-Banana shake and gawd it was soooooo good. Its creamy and really delicious. Its like a piece of heaven in a straw!!! Definitely a must try in Boracay.

We went on a photoshoot at Crown Regency Hotel. The one thing that I really liked the most is this room filled with Amazing vintage collection. The owner loves to collect old phones, old gas pumps, bottles, signs even an old car hanging on the ceiling! Its insane! Theres this large bottle wrapped in ropes that i only see in movies like Waterworld and Pirates of the Caribbean. He also has this old jukebox. Never seen one before. Its cool.. its really nice! =)

On to our next hotel. This is probably one of the most prestigious hotel in the island - The Grand Vista Boracay. It has the highest infinity pool in all of Boracay! Swimming would be a a delectable experience since you have a bird's eyeview of the Boracay shores (while skinny dipping if you may) ! Definitely one of the best place here in Bora. But luxury aint cheap. I heard the room here costs around $300++ per night!

The pool is really gorgeous. Too bad i was working and didnt had a chance to swim. But its ok. The experience being there is already enough! I have a card of their General Manager and hopefully i can get a discount the next time i visit! Thanks sir Art for the warm hospitality! Its been an honor taking these photos.

This is the view from one of the finest rooms at the hotel . An overlooking view of Boracay shores is one way to welcome your morning! This is awesome!

Grabbed my telephoto and took a closer view of the shores. Those blue sailboats looks really beautiful from here. This is a one of a kind experience for me. Never seen boracay at this point of view.

One of the rooms has its own jacuzzi!!! I asked one of the staff who are the celebrities or famous people acquired this place and she said that "Jenny", the famous girl from that korean-novella Full House stayed here. =) I asked Innie, one of my officemates from Travel to model for me. This is a perfect place to relax and unwind as you take a nap on top of Boracay with a jacuzzi on your side! I deliberately included the lines of the balcony.. the jacuzzi., the glass door and that rounded table emanating tons of details within the picture. Match it with some creative lighting..Voila! Now thats my money shot for the day :)

Sun is almost down and I wanted to try out this idea out. I noticed my wide angle lens creates starbursts when it hits the sun. I rigged up my gear and placed the tripod with my camera on timer on front. (boy carrying out a heavy tripod is all worth it). With the right settings.. i came up with this photo.. (walalang... )

Sun is almost down and the people are starting to come out! This is the best time to swim where the sun is not that harsh anymore. Night life is also starting to come alive as the loud music is starting to kick in. For me, Boracay is huge party place. Where you can dance all night long as the sands caress your feet.

Sun is almost set. I always wanted to have a silhouette shot of one of the sail boats. I just waited for it to pass the dying sun and took a snap. Love the orange hues.. :)

Sun is all gone. I learned in photography class that the sky is way too beautiful specially when the sun is already down. It creates this really nice hues of blues and orange and yellows... its awesome. Match it with the silhouettes of the people.. you have your perfect shot. This is three photos digitally stitched creating a beautiful panoramic view...

Firedancers!!!! This is actually my first time to see one live. I bet its hot but its so cool... I grabbed my camera and took some shots. Low shutterspeeds made these light streaks possible. I should have placed a remote flash right on front just to illuminate the dancer.. to add some sharpness to the face.

Work is done and its time to head back to my place. As i was walking.. i saw a number of these lined up!!!! To be honest. I never tasted Lobsters before (poor me). Seriously i havent!!!! I actually wanted to have one but damn its too expensive. I just took a photo for souvenir .

Time to go home and sleep. its been a super long day for me and im really tired. I stayed at Canyon de Boracay. The place is really nice. The service is really good. The food is fantastic! Love the hot pool as well. Perfect for that long stressful day.

This boracay experience is really awesome. I just wish Abby was here with me. Im definitely going back here someday, not to work, but to relax... Id like to thank the Travel team of Ensogo-Livingsocial namely Innie, Kathy, Melody and Vangie for giving me this opportunity to capture great sights and experiences. Many thanks to our partner hotels for their very warm hospitality. Also to my managers and sir Ale, Thank you!

They say boracay is over rated... i think it has the right to be. Beach, Food, Party, Awesome. Good times...

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