Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Day Before Tomorrow

It was a long exhausting day. My car broke down early in the morning and did some repairs. Spent 3K on repairs and still not satisfied. The temp gauge still shoots up everytime i step on the pedal. Silvia is getting old and cranky. Went through the day with fear of overheating but id didnt stop me. I moved forward.

Went to the office at the heart of noon. It was hot. It was sizzling. Its like a partial feeling of hell. Arrived at the office and just gathered my gear. Went on a photoshoot at this Thai Restaurant over at Pearl Drive. The Shoot went well except for my very annoying flu thats been killing me as always. Ended my work really exhausting. Not because of taking photos, its because of sneezing one after another. Gawd... if only id never catch a cold in my life.. that would be my wish.

Ended the day with this spectacular view of Bonifacio High Street. Just love the colors of sunset. Waiting for tomorrow. A day that is goin to be an adventure. Im travelling to Boracay for a photoshoot. And im doing it alone.

There was a time that I wished that I want to become a professional tourist. Now here I am... So be carefull what you wish for coz you might actually get it. :) Love my job! =)

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