Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lunch at Abby's

Abby invited me to have lunch at their place and its insane if you'd resist. Abs is one great cook and she loves to experiment on a lot of dishes and it really works! Shes making something out of this tofu and i bet its gonna be real good... :)

Abby and Van both have distinguished talents in the kitchen. Like mother like daughter(s). Tita Nellie cooks really well and for sure the two ladies over here got their kitchen wonders from their mother. :)

Pusit! Fresh from cebu. This is actually one of my favorites. Best when crunchy. Dip it on vinegar and for sure youl see sparks all over. Its so good. This is perfect with rice. :)

This is Abby's dish. Tofu with Pechay. Its really tasty. Not to mention its very healthy because of the different kinds of vegetables in it. I forgot to take a photo of the rice which is really good as well. It has this added spice which made it really tasty. I love it. :)

This is Kulet, the Olarte's dog of the house. He just slumbers around all day and this guy snores when he sleeps! I never saw a dog who snores before.. Kulet is the first! hehe

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