Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pizza Hut Cravings

"Ano gusto mo kainin?" i just said "Gusto ko ng pizza..." i was craving for some pizza after i saw a guy at sm fairview carrying 4 boxes of Pizzas from Pizza Hut. The picture was stuck inside my head and i have to suffice the craving...

Good thing with pizza hut is that they serve this kind of bread before your order comes and this is a great way to wait for your food. Its better to munch on something light while waiting...

I ordered my favorite Cream of Mushroom soup. Im a sucker for cream of mushroom soup and i always order this one if its available..

Whats on the menu....? hmmmm there ....that bacon cheeseburger looks really good.. We'l have one of those!

Abs ordered the seafood pasta. She really loves seafood most specially when their's shrimp in it. I love this one as well..

While waiting for the bill., i took a photo of abby sporting her new beanie from artwork! :P looks really good! hehe

Take us home silvia... what a great night.. :)

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