Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ho Galbi Korean Restaurant

This is probably one of the best Bulgogi I ever tasted! Its so delicious. I tried a lot of Beef Bulgogis before and by far this is the king. The meat is so tender. The taste is absolutely delicious! I also love the taste of the mushrooms once cooked..

I ate a lot of these actually. Im actually on a mission of eating healthy. Since this is pure lean beef and boiled.. i bet this is a perfect meal! And its so delicious. Its hard to find a healthy meal yet very good to my taste. This is my bet. One of their best sellers!

Part of the side dish is this one. Its baby potatoes drenched with this black caramel sauce sprinkled with sesame seeds... I also had a lot of these. Im a sucker for baby potatoes and i love them so much. I dunno how they made the sauce...Its just perfectly sweet. 

They also serve this dish called the Galbi Jum or better known as braised short ribs. They used angus beef on this one. This is mighty delicious. The taste is just.... ugh.. i dunno how to explain it. You might wanna order some extra rice for this one. This one is the champion... 

I also love their iced tea. It looks like a typical iced tea but to me its really good. 

I really enjoyed this photoshoot along with Second. The place packs up during lunch and a lot of people visit the place to enjoy great korean food. Hogalbi is located at Oranbo in Pasig City. Ensogo will be running a deal with them. Better watch that out coz they have a spectacular deal with their Beef Bulgogi and Galbi Jum at a very affordable price! 

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