Monday, September 17, 2012

Martabak Indonesian / Malaysian Cafe

Chicken Satay
Martabak Cafe over at SM Mall of Asia is one of those authentic Indonesian / Malaysian restaurants in the country. If you love Chicken Satay, Kway Teow Goreng, Curry Laxa, Rendang, and Martabak Telur,  this place is the one to go to. One of my favorites is the Chicken Satay, pictured above. The chicken is very tender! Dip it in to its special sauce and slowly savor the goodness. This is one great meal. 

Martabak Telur
Also tried this dish called Martabak Telur. Its an Indonesian appetizer.Really great comfort food.Its basically chicken fillings dipped in curry sauce. This is one of my favorites at Martabak. This is so good.. Yummy as in.

Kway Teow Goreng
This one is the Kway Teow Goreng. Its a Malaysian delicacy consists of flat noodles, prawns, monggo sprouts and other spices.  Pinch a slice of lemon and its heaven..This is one delicious dish. I love it. 

This dish is called the Rendang. Its a dish from Indonesia. Its more like Caldereta in taste. I like it because its a little spicy in taste. Tastes really really good. You should probably order some extra rice for this one! 

Curry Laxa
This one is their Curry Laxa. Its basically noodles with a curry soup. This dish originated in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. I love the taste of this one due to its intimate spicyness.. I dunno what that means bit its really good. Topped with some slices of tofu made this dish spectacular. Love this dish... 

Ensogo will be running a deal with Martabak Cafe and all of these costs for only P549 pesos. Its a great deal coz you will have 5 amazing dishes which will definitely satisfy your appetite. It comes with rice and Iced tea. You should consider this one. This is for a limited time only! Check out the ensogo deal here.  

Im not really a fan of Indonesian and Malaysian food until I tried the awesome dishes here at Martabak Cafe. Its delicious, affordable, and it gives out that out of Manila feel. Come visit Martabak Cafe over at SM Mall of Asia. Im sure you wont regret dining here. Many thanks to Ms. Loida for her warm hospitality. Also to Cielo for helping me out with the photoshoot. Thanks again! Martabak Cafe, simply delicious!

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