Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ronza Bar and Restaurant

Its been a while since my last bar hopping adventure and this time me and my good ol buddy Sec went to Ronza Bar and Restaurant along Wilson Street in Greenhills for a photoshoot for his upcoming deal at Ensogo. Kinda excited for this shoot coz i heard, their Sisig is really good! And they are right. Their sisig is absolutely delicious. Its close to the ones at Aling Lucing's in Pampanga. Its that good. No doubt ,this is their best seller 

Their meatballs are really good as well. It has cheese inside so it will definitely surprise you once you have that bite. I love it! Some meatballs are kinda salty.. but this one is perfect. One of the best pulutan out there.  

You got to try also their Beef Salpicao! 

 they also sereve delicious drinks! They have an open bar where you can choose a wide variety of cocktails. from Rhum cokes to Screw Drivers... from tequilas to Margaritas! They have it here.

One of the highlights of the place is their kick ass saltwater aquarium! Its huge! Its like a hundred gallon aquarium.. im not sure.. but its damn huge i tell you. They have this Lion Fish which i saw for the 1st time1 Its really beautiful. One of my favorite movies was Deuce Bigalow, and their was a lion fish there and i was so amazed! I did that tapping at the aquarium and said "hey fishy fishy!!!" haha..  love it! 

This is another shot of the place.. along with the bar and the really cool lighting... You can see their the aquarium which really rocks... This is a perfect chill out place. You'l love it here if you wanna unwind and have a little booze with your friends after a long day at the office.. 
Visit Ronza Bar and Restaurant.. im sure you will love this place. Check out their deal at Ensogo! 

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  1. Very beautiful ambiance and mouth watering yummy dishes. All the pictures are so beautiful. Definitely looks like a must visit place. Your post is going to be very useful for those people who love to keep trying new delicacies. Great work............ keep posting...... :)

    Alan Young
    Saltwater Aquarium


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