Wednesday, May 15, 2013

General's Lechon's number #1 lechon is one of my next food trip destination - The General's Lechon! They are known from their special garlic lechon which is undeniably insanely delicious.... By far, this is the best lechon I ever tasted.. 

Their best seller, the chilli-garlic lechon! Theres this kick within the taste of the lechon.. its just so good. The taste of garlic with added spice just penetrated the will make you ask for more.  

 the skin is just perfect. That crunch is as loud as thunder...and the taste.. its pure madness. Sobrang sarap!!! You can also try suka for the sauce. Or you can also try dipping the skin on some calamansi then dip it onto a bowl of salt... that sour taste then combined with salt is a sure winner! 

 These pigs are actually special because they are free range pigs. They are healthy and they are free from artificial feeds. They roast this manually in order for that even cook...

look at those spices inside...yummmmm... this is the secret...generous amounts of garlic,, spices.. some lemon grass for that delicious aroma... its smells so good....

meat is so soft and tender, slicing it wouldn't be an effort. Making this blog post makes me really hungry! 

General's lechon is located in front of Dusit Hotel, right in front of EDSA, just within the Petron gas station. Customers usually order for take-out but if you want you can eat the lechon from their store. 
I would like to thank sir Bryan for giving us a chance to shoot their delicious lechon. I really enjoyed the shoot most specially eating their famous roasted pig. Guys if you have time, try this one out. Having it on top of's list of the best lechon in town says how good this lechon is!   

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