Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gil and Ina's Wedding

Its Gil's wedding! The countdown is finally over as Gil and Ina tied the knot at San Agustin Church in Intramuros. Its such a beautiful wedding! Im so happy for Gil because he's waiting for this for quite some time now. I didnt bring a camera with me on that day... good thing my friend EJ brought a dslr but hes kinda reluctant to use it... Due to my undying eagerness to capture moments, i borrowed it and took some snaps. It was my first time to use a Canon camera on  a wedding and it was quite impressive! 

I told myself not to bring a camera coz i wanted to enjoy the wedding as a guest, not as a photographer...But then again, i enjoyed taking photos rather than just sitting around. Took this one when they were on their way out and man i was so happy for the great capture! Never seen Gil so happy like this ever before... 

of course there's the production team to back him up! These guys look really fine and dandy! We also had a our lovely Anne Cua and Kannika! Its so good to see them once again!  

Ze lovely ladies of production team! Tracy always has this really curvy and voluptuous pose...

 they are like the batman and robin of the creative writing department of the production team...

 of course our lovely boss Ms. Mara who looks stunning in her green dress..

As the bride and groom started to enter,the party has just begun!  

Mel actually won the garter wearing ceremony and boy she was nervous! Its her 1st actually! 

The traditional cutting of the cake! Gil got a big slice from inah...Gil didn't mind.. :)

 the lovely Anne Cua with our soldier of love Marky!

Angel came! These three ladies are surely missed at the production area... 

 getting crazy at the photobooth. This was ej's challenge, to fit the entire production team inside the frame. Good thing it did! Thanks to Pop Picture for the great photobooth photos! 

Gil with his wacky Mr. Pogi pose! 

After that long delicious dinner, we are all full and happy... you can actually see it in our faces! Busog!!!! :)

Thank you so much Gil for inviting us. It was a really awesome and wonderful wedding. We all had a good time. Best wishes to you and Ina.

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