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A Vision of Grandeur : Waterfront Hotel and Casino Cebu

I am probably one of the luckiest people on earth to be invited at one of the most prestigious  event this side of the country called A Vision of Grandeur : A Fusion of Fashion and Technology at the newly renovated lobby of Waterfront Hotel and Casino in Lahug, Cebu.

The event was so prestigious. People came with their best cocktail dresses and suits. The prominent people of Cebu flocked the grand lobby. They enjoyed the soothing music of the band playing at the middle.

Armed with violins and cellos, these guys played really good music. Very relaxing, very soothing to the ears kind of music which usually i dont normally hear in my everyday grungy life. 

French born pastry chef , Daniel Lagoux and his group of executive pastry chefs  showcased their wonderful creations. There are a wide selection of pastries! Choosing which one to eat first is a tedious task. A lot of them is on bite size so its really easy to eat!  Everything is mouthwatering. Every food is intricately designed  and crafted. Its just so unbelievable the effort making it is just remarkable!   

This one is really good. I apologize I dont  have the name of this pastry and what it is made of but i tell you this one is wickedly delicious. Same goes with the 1st food photo, the combination of the strawberry, blueberry and the mango with a whip of chocolate is just phenomenal... Its bursting with flavour i cant describe. Its really good!  

In every party, theres always a favorite..and this one is one of them! The Chocolate Fountain! This looks lovely and very delicious. They have different kinds fruits and marshmallows on the side. Dunk it in and feel the chocolate rush!  

I grabbed the opportunity to take a photo of Chef Lagoux. I was hesitant at first but what the heck. He seems to be a very nice man. I asked for a photo and he deeply obliged. He told me to wait one moment, then he grabbed a plate, placed on some of his creations and posed. I dunno if he's psychic or what because thats the poze that i actually want him to do. He holds the honor of receiving the “Maitre de Gout” (Master of Taste) award from the Corporate Chefs of America.  It was an honor meeting him. 

While munching with some gourmet food, i looked up and noticed these huge murals on the ceiling. Very interesting actually. It kinda gave me that feel that i jumped into a different time zone or something. Not only the ceilings interests me but the furniture, the structures at the hotel. Its really upscale. 

Once your in the area, it will instantly give you that first class sensation. That aura and the atmosphere of such exclusivity penetrates deeply under the skin. Such a wonderful feeling.  


The cutting of the ribbon is high tech! With a press of a button, theres an animated graphic of a red ribbon being cut projected at the walls of the hotel. Honorary guests were Gov. Gwen Garcia, Cong. Cutie del Mar, Mdme. Mariquita Salimbangon Yeung and Department of Tourism Region 7 Director Rowena Montecillo.

General Manager Mr Alfred Portenschlager gave his opening speech and welcomed everybody at the event. He's such a nice guy. Upon arriving at the hotel, he greeted each one of us which is very unusual because I rarely shake a hand of General Manager of one of the biggest hotel in the country. In his speech, he spoke about the changes that went through the hotel. The huge renovation of the lobby. The upgrades in interior design and technology of the hotel. Hiring international executive chefs.. all of these were all carried out for the benefit of the hotel's guests. Giving them the experience of grandeur.Which indeed I felt!
Even the uniforms of the hotel staff is not the ordinary. The uniforms were designed by world renowned fashion designer - Mr. Rajo Laurel! Wow!  

Short after the ribbon cutting ceremony, the fashion show began. Highly acclaimed fashion designers showcased their works of art at the runway. 

 Beautiful collections by Cary Santiago , Edwin Ao , Jun Escario , Oj Hofer , Protacio Empaces and Philip Rodriguez grazed the runway leaving us all in awe.  

After the fashion show, the guests enjoyed the rest of the night at the brand new hotel lobby as the band plays on top with some jazzy tunes. I also had the chance to mingle with the members of the media who were there with us.Also, I had an opportunity to speak to Sir Alfred.   

He told me about the vision of grandeur not only with Waterfront Hotel and Casino in Cebu but also the other Waterfront  hotels around the country. He plans to renovate the hotels in Davao and also in Manila - which is the Manila Pavillion. This is just the start. He wanted to give that 1st class  feel to the hotel's guests. A delightful experience grand enough for everybody to enjoy. World class amenities, world class service, truly the characteristics of the best hotels in the world and you will find it here at Waterfront Hotel and Casino in Cebu.    

I would like to thank Waterfront Hotel and Casino Cebu, most specially to Sir Alfred. It was such an honor. Also to Ms Maui of Manila Pavilion who invited me for this grand event. She even made a way to let me bring Abby to the event. Thank you so much Ms. Maui. Also to the staff of Waterfront Hotel, from the ladies and gentlemen at the front desk, to the concierge, and to the shuttle drivers, they are very nice. Awesome service indeed. Thank you so much. Also to Abby, for the continuous love and support. 

Even though the trip was fast and short, it was quite an experience. Me and Abby had a great time. Till next time! Again, Congratulations to Waterfront Hotel and Casino Cebu.

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