Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Reminscing Calaguas

April 2014. My last beach trip of summer...  Calaguas Beach as of the moment is my favorite beach in all the beaches ive'd been to in the Philippines. Coron, Palawan comes second and Panglao Beach in Bohol will probably falls 3rd. Why Calaguas ?  Because of the serenity of the place. No words can describe it. It's beauty beyond imaginable.That peaceful  and calmness...which im afraid will soon die because tourists are starting to pour in and opportunists are slowly creeping to take advantage of it. Innovation, modernization is a good thing but there are things that should be kept untouched and left as it is...  I'm lucky to enjoy it now before this beach turns into a mess like Boracay and the other beaches that is used to be marvelous yet ravaged by people who only see profit from it.

  I hope none of these will happen to our beautiful Calaguas. I hope not. I will definitely miss those pristine blue waters and powdery white sands replaced by used diapers, beer bottles and endless piles of plastic bags. We people should open our eyes with all these bad things that are happening to our environment. Its just sad that all of these beauty will just put on to waste...    

It's sad because some people just dont give a damn about anything...I really love to smack the hell out of someone's face if i see them throwing empty beer cans at the beach.... The place is beautiful and you'l just throw shit and make a mess? Come on.. Shame on you.. You all better than that. Be considerate naman and act like an educated person... 

Respect the beach..Respect the environment..and it will come back to you as well. It's just sad to see something like this put on to waste. Calaguas for me is an escape from reality. I wanted it to be like a dream vacation.. not a hedonistic nightmare... I wanted to arrive and depart with awe.. with a blissful sigh and tell myself that I'll soon comeback... Its sad coz the nightmare is already happening. Before, the only sound you will hear within Calaguas are the clashing of the waves.. those burning wood at the bonfire and the crickets endlessly grinding... but now, there are videoke machines powered by generators... loud drunkards and never ending party music till the break of dawn... The peaceful  Calaguas is turning into something  else.... 

It's a long way to the island. So long, one of my butt cheeks cramped.  But its all worth it. It's better than the usual. It's better than the hideous Manila traffic. The scent of the sea is much better than foul scent of piss that I always endure every time i pass the Ayala MRT overpass... It's a relief. When i'm traveling specially in Calaguas, it's like I'm in agony but I'm enjoying  it. Ironic it may seem but this time in a good way... 

I love the spray of saltwater as the waves smashes the side of the boat...that smell of the sea, the cool wind that envelopes your face... it's mesmerizing.. Sounds corny but.. yeah. i think it is. But once you're there.. you'd probably feel the same. I love this photo by the way...  i almost slipped and fell taking this shot.. :) 

at last.. we're here.  i want to jump in the water right at this moment....

crystal blue waters... 

calm and serene...

i just love that sound....i should have recorded it and play it whenever im stressed.
 It's really soothing... stress killer. 

it's time to unload the goodies... touchdown Calaguas! 

booze...booze and more booze

just lie down and relax......enjoy the feel of it. 

a good book is always a great idea.... 

but getting wet is my thing... kudos to my go pro.. it captured most of the 
fun :)

including this one...

and this! If you're a traveler... a go pro camera is a must. It's one amazing gadget. 
Bring this and a small compact digital camera and you're all set! 

tired? need a break? the beach is yours! :) 

time for lunch! our friends from Biyahe Lokal prepared a really nice feast for us! 
All that swimming made us hungry so i guess 3 cups of rice ain't enough! :) 

one of my favorite things to do at the beach is to eat ( i mean eat a lot) with my bare 

most specially when its fish! It's just perfect!  

since we're all full.. it's time to relax a little. We all sat down by the sand and just chilled for 
a while. Booze flowing... Bob Marley is playing in the background... Time is an 
absence right at this moment...

they said that the view from the top of the hill is magnificent. So we went... even if 
the sun is killing us... i think it's worth it..

it's a long walk but it's all good. 

and it's all so much better once you reach the top! Awesome view :) after all the photo ops, 
we went down before it gets dark...

but first...lemme take a selfie.

sun is almost down... and Golden hour is happening... this is my first time to 
use a go pro for sunset shots.. im just amazed how beautiful this tiny little 
camera captures images....

sunset... shooting sunsets is so much better if you put a human element on it. 
and i really love shooting silhouettes on sunsets! Heres one of my favorite 
photos from the trip. My good friend Camille showed us a really nice form and 
im just happy i captured it.... love this shot. 

more candid moments... ;)


sun is out and its time for the stars of the night to go out as well...

new found friends.. great conversations...and booze to wash the stains
 in our souls... kampai!

to add more awesomeness to the night.. it's full moon..... We we're up drinking 
until 3am... We just have to apologize to our kidneys the morning after...

I would like to abuse this opportunity to give a gazillion thanks to Biyahe Lokal 
for the great vacation.... This group is really fun.. Traveling is so much fun when you're 
with happy, crazy, jolly and beer crazy people. I really had a great time... Im looking forward
to join the next Biyahe Lokal trip... You should too! 

for more info about Biyahe Lokal's trip schedules.. visit their facebook page. 
Thank you Biyahe Lokal! Thank you Deraks! Till next time!

Thank you!

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