Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Brothers Burger

Im fortunate enough to have a photoshoot at one of the most delicious burger chains in Metro Manila - Brothers Burgers. I just can get enough of the taste of their delicious burgers. My favorite is their Big Brothers burger. That half pounder monster us simply to die for. 

 Meat is juicy... tasty.. that flame-grilled goodness gets into your nerves! I had a chance to shoot inside their kitchen... it's hot in there but its all good. I wanted to have the flames go out but it's hard to achieve that perfect flame. After numerous clicks, i just decided to go with this one....

 I was tasked to shoot this delicious burger for and  I'm just glad I pulled this through. And I was so happy since a lot of people bought the deal..  :) I love my job.

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