Monday, October 27, 2014

Barrio Fiesta

There's always one place I ever think off when it comes to a buffet of Filipino food...  Barrio Fiesta. When I was young, we used to eat out here specially when there are family gatherings, Barrio Fiesta is always the first thing we ever think off. I was delighted when I was assigned for a shoot at Barrio Fiesta over at Araneta Center in Cubao, because i had to re-live moments with family. I was also delighted because i have to taste their delicious kare-kare once again! This is one of my favorite dishes at Barrio Fiesta. I bet a lot of  you as well. 

Another favorite of mine is their Lechon Manok! The skin is so crispy and the meat is so juicy. I love this so much that's its a standard procedure to order Fried Chicken everytime we go here.  .

This is my first time to try their delicious Seafood Paella! It's so good. That fresh crab on the top is the winner. I am a sucker for seafood and to have this kind of dish in front of me is one hell of a treat! 

I really had fun shooting here. The staff is really nice. They accommodated me pretty well. Place is clean and the food is just delicious. 

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