Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Aling Lucing's Sisig

If you're a die hard sisig fan, then you must know where this famous filipino dish came from. Welcome to Aling Lucing's Sisig over at Angeles City in Pampanga. Where they say, sisig is ivented. I never tasted sisig this good! Its really different from the ones here in Manila. Its really one of a kind. 
What is sisig by the way? Sisig is made from pig cheeks. Its usually served on a sizzling plate. A great compliment with beer! I enjoy it with or without beer. Its one of my favorite dishes. Im so happy to finally eat at Aling Lucing's coz they say this place is the best when it comes to sisig. I totally agree!

 Here, the pig cheeks are already boiled with its secret spices and they are all ready to be Barbecued into this really hot grille. 
One by one the meat is meticulously skewered and then off they go to BBQ'd.  

 while grilling, the smoke from the meat is sooo good. arghhh.. nakakagutom lalo! 

Once done, the meat is chopped finely and then placed onto the sizzling plate. Then there goes the onions, garlic and other spices to complete the taste.. Then served sizzling hot! Lets eat! Attack!!!

We had 4 orders of sisig and 20 cups of rice! Yes! 20 cups of rice!!! Insane.. Gutom lang.  Thats how hungry we were. 

 We are so full.. as in. Niko said he wants more actually. Bitin daw. We should have ordered 6 sisigs but they can only give  us 4.. We just ordered their regular dishes like the pork caldereta which really good as well.  It was such a wonderful dining experience.. The place is not like a 5 star resto or something but the food is just great. We we're  pigging out literally..

 If you happen to drop by clark in pampanga, you have to consider dining at Aling Lucing's Sisig. If International Chef/ Food Critic Antohony Bourdain loved the food here, i bet you would as well! Busog sobra...   

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  1. Aling Lucing's is the original and the best Sisig in Town. Nice blog! Thank you for sharing.


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