Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mcdo's Big Mac

It was a fine sunday and I woke up late. I was hungry and im craving for something. At first i didnt know what to eat until my sister arrived and asked me to come to McDonalds. The elusive light bulb suddenly popped out and instantly, Im goin to have a Big Mac!

Brought my camera with me coz I havent posted a blog about the Big Mac. This is the time. Even though i was damn hungry, I need to take a picture of this succulent treat from Mcdo. This is my favorite among all the burgers in Mcdo.

I noticed that, BigMac's nowadays are quite smaller than before. Back then, eating a BigMac is a really hard and messy. But now, i can eat this thing within 5 minutes!

Starting the day eating a Bigmac will definitely make your day FULL of happiness. Good stuff! :)

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