Friday, April 20, 2012


Friday and its the last day of the week and this is also my last shoot for the week! I was asked to go on a photoshoot at Eastwood City Libis at one of the best place to dine in any time of the day.. Welcome to Goodah! 

My officemate Gil accompanied me and thanks for his help, i just made these incredible food shots. He helped me out using the reflector.  

Although we waited for quite some time and for the mad rush of the people coming in, we seem to work our things out and still managed to get amazing shots of their great food. This tapsi is one of my favorites!

Goodah is also famous for their liempo. Had a bite of this one and its really delicious! This is a must order at Goodah.

They also serve chicken inasal! one of the favorites as well. I love the taste of this one. Its tasty.. very tender and sweet. You will definitely love this. 

Their sisig is one of the best as well. Best served with beer. I noticed a lot of call center agents flock the area and this dish is always a favorite. This one is delicious!

Goodah is famous in their tagline "Open 25 Hours". I really like the tagline coz it has this effect to you that they are open much longer than 7/11! Goodah at Eastwood City is one of those places that is really nice to hang out with. Its good food, not heavy on the budget and its open more than 24 hours! Thanks Gil for helping me out. Thanks also to the staff for helping us and for their warm hospitality...


  1. nice pics mac! - pads

  2. nakakatakam pare. lupet mo talaga! - aron

  3. nakupo mas lalo pag nakain mo na :) hehe., da best talaga sa goodah :)


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