Monday, April 30, 2012

Cocoon Botique Hotel

Theres a new botique hotel over at Quezon City. Its in the corner of Rallos Street and Scout Tobias Street near Timog Avenue. The place is called Cocoon Botique Hotel. According to reviews, the hotel boasts its eco-friendly amenities. This is one of the few hotels who values mother nature more than everything else. The picture above is the deluxe room. The bed is really soft. the sheets are all new. The room has this modern interior design. Very very nice.  

As you wait at the lobby, comfortable chairs welcome you. It has wifi connection so you dont have to worry posting pictures on your facebook as you wait .

 As you can see, their furniture are really beautiful! Interior design again is awesome. Nice and clean and it looks very organize.

If i have all the money in the world, i would hibernate at  this place a  little longer. I actually like the name of the hotel. It feels like you're in deep relaxation like a caterpillar inside his home before becoming a butterfly..

Once again, the hallways are lovely. I love the earth tones that they used. Those brown and flesh colors are very relaxing. It has this very homy feel. Like in a zen room or something. Its just nice. 

 According to the staff, there were three wedding receptions scheduled on that day.Caught a glimpse of the bride going to the bridal car...

The pool area is lovely. Its not that big but it looks really good.  Furnishings looks expensive! Perfect for that early morning dip. 

 The design on this wall is very intricate. The wood is made from scratch. Surprising you can make something like this that looks really good and these are from recycled products!

Breakfast is included upon check in. I enjoyed this American style breakfast. Beacon and Eggs is my favorite!

Abby and I really enjoyed our stay at the hotel. We promise to go back some other time. Our experience at the hotel is simply unforgettable. Great rooms, awesome surroundings, Place is all new.  Everything is state of the art and very modern in design. Their staff is really nice. They are very hospitable. If you need something, just dial the front desk and they will attend to your needs in a flash! I really had a great time at cocoon. I hope Ensogo will soon have a deal at this hotel. I recommend this place with such flying colors! 

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