Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mandarin Sky

Mandarin Sky Restaurant in Banawe, I must say, is one of the best Chinese Restaurants I ever been to. Their food is simply delicious! Their dishes are unique. and most of them I never seen before. Sometimes you will be surprised theres a dish like that  coz some of the ingredients are hard to find and quite expensive. The baby back ribs is one of my favorites. Meat is soft and tender. Its juicy and really delicious. 

 Mandarin Sky added new dishes onto their menu and I was fortunate to take photos of their new mouthwatering treats. They upgraded some of their old recipes just like this fried chicken. It looks really delicious! It smells good too! 

This is my favorite among the rest! Its pork with this special kind of sauce which is kinda sweet and savory. I love this so much I almost ate all of it! If ever im going back to mandarin sky, I will definitely order this one. I tell you this is really good. 

Now this is a treat. Prawns with broccoli and asparagus. The soft shelled like tacos are really good as well. The sauce is delicious.. The prawns are the true stars of this dish. That crunch when you bite the shrimp which explodes inside your mouth is just...its just that good.. sarap sobra.  I just love prawns and shrimps...

Most of these dishes doesnt have a name yet. Sir Chris will still figure it out what to name them. The main ingredient  of this dish is the Tiger Conch . It is usually hard to find and you'l find it in this plate. It tastes really good. The one surrounding it is gabi  wrapped in something that i dont know what it was... sorry for not asking.. i was really hungry and all i ever did was eat. :)

When i arrived at the restaurant, I saw shrimps jumping from the fish tank! This only shows they'r fresh off the tank. I so love shrimps. I can actually eat all of these in one sitting.   

I love the tofu. However you cook it, gourmet or not, i just love the taste of it. Its also best when you partner it with some beer. In every "inuman", tokwa at baboy" should always be present! 

As far as I can remember, this is called Polo Pao. Its some kind of a siopao but it has a different crust which is like a huge hopia. This is one famous dimsum in Hong Kong. I love it. Its good better than your ordinary siopao. 

Mandarin Sky Restaurant is located at Banawe Street corner Simoun Street in Quezon City. For reservations, just call (02)740-5783. The place is big enough for small gatherings..birthdays, receptions.. They offer authentic chinese food and many more. Food you never tasted and soon you will definitely love. I would like to thank sir chris for letting me take photographs of his humble restaurant and its very delicious food. Extending my thank yous to the staff, for helping me with the lights. Also to sir Ernesto and their Chief Cook... il get his name in the future and update this blog asap. 

PS: Im still on a streak! 2 weeks without rice! Imagine all of these food infront of me but never even tempted to hold a spoonfull of rice.. hehe. Sacrifice actually paid off coz i lost some inches off my tummy.. hehe 

Once again thank you for reading =) #foodphotography Catch me on instagram : maccenteno  

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