Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chilling Saturday At Tagaytay

Welcome to Tagaytay! Ived been to Tagaytay so many times but this trip is somehow special. This is my first time to visit the Palace in the Sky. Usually we just go to the town proper where most of the usual restaurants are found. Specially when eating bulalo. I never knew there is something more with Tagaytay. This place is really beautiful. 

This is an areal view of the Tagaytay Highlands. Its really beautiful. The fresh cold breeze just gently caresses your body. I just love the cold chilly weather of Tagaytay. Makes you wanna hug somebody. :) This is a lovely view at the viewing deck of Palace in the Sky. From here, you have a great view of the Tagaytay highlands. 

See those pine trees and wooden houses? Never saw something like this before. Only in the movies. Its just a wonderful sight to see. The greens are very relaxing to the eyes. And the houses are just..classic designs. Loving this bird's eye view feeling... (brrr and its really cold..)

The Tagaytay Highlands is one of those prestigious villages in Tagaytay. Only the wealthy can probably afford to live here. If ever i win the lottery i would never hesitate to buy a property here. Its just so nice. Very peaceful, very quiet. Away from pollution and noise. Its one of those places you would want to go home to. Tagaytay.. well hopefully someday. =)

The good thing when Abby's friends decided to go somewhere, it really happens! This trip is actually planned i think a month or two at Kaye's house. Im just happy and glad with  Abby's college friends strong friendship. Over the years, they remain intact and they are like sisters already. 

Cherwin and Justin striking a pose.  

And so as Balong and Rachel. 

caught up with Erich and Kaye at the balcony

and of course the hotness herself striking a pose with the Taal Volcano

Love this part over here where a wide variety of plants are landscaped at the park. Friends, families, lovers, they are all here having a great time. 

friends and barkadas hanging out. Having a great time. catching up stories. 

theres a huge statue of Mama Mary on top. You can see the people taking pictures of the magnificent view of Tagaytay. Most of the people here are most likely on their field trips. 

Saw this group of boys taking group shots. I think they'r on their field trip. I kinda miss school actually when i saw them. It was fun back then.. specially on a field trip! 

Saw this couple hugging each other. Huggin under tagaytay mist... hehe. sweet. 

Now this one is a surprise actually. Theres this photo booth where you can get your picture taken with this really huge python. 

Too bad this place is not the well taken care of. Its just sad coz this place is really beautiful. Its just sad coz it could have been more beautiful if the place is well maintained. I hope the government should have funds to make this tourist attraction well preserved...

 Its getting dark and we are all getting hungry. Its getting really cold as well. As i embark at this really wonderful journey, i took a photo of this pine tree and the view deck. Im a sucker for silhouettes...

Instead of riding the jeep goin down the parking lot, we just decided to walk down the steep hill. The gorgeous sun just waved us goodbye and i just took a photo of it along with the grass at the foreground. You will also see Mt. Batulao on the backround which im really proud i reached its summit. :) 

 Saw these vendors selling some peanuts. Thought of buying but instead i just took a photo.. Its time to go to Green Ats and have some bulalo!

 Green Ats is famous with their bulalo. Its really good! Cant believe this place is really booming! At first their place is not that classy., and they only have monobloc chairs., but now! You can see fully painted kubos... and the theirs a facelift on the facade. 

Time for Bulalo! Forgive me with the photo coz the bulalo is right beneath the cabbage. I was so hungry my photography powers can fight the hunger anymore...  

After that amazing dinner at Green Ats, its time for some coffee. We went to starbucks and helped our chilling bodies for some good coffee. This is my first time here. 

Abby ordered some cinnamon rolls which is really good. 

and she ordered some White Chocolate Mocha for me. My favorite. Thanks! :) 

 Took a photo of abby sippin her coffee with soy milk. :)

It was an awesome day. Its been a long drive from Manila all the way to tagaytay but i enjoyed it. Abby's friends are really awesome. They are a happy bunch as I may call them. They are already planning for another trip. Their planning to go to Anawangin, Batangas. Have some time at the beach! For now i leave you with these photos from Tagaytay. One of the places that i really love and cherish. I really do hope someday, il have a house here and just drink my afternoon coffee at my very own veranda... 

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