Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Afternoon with Xian Lim

A good friend asked me if i wanted to cover this event at Shopwise Supermarket in Cubao and i just said ok since im not doin anything on that day. I gathered up my gear and went to Cubao for this product launching of Myra Vita White lotion and they are featuring Xian Lim for this event. Xian Lim is one of the freshest face in the showbiz industry. He stars at this soap opera called "My Binondo Girl" at ABS-CBN.

My task is really simple. Just take photos of the lucky lady who will buy the product while Xian disguises as a promodizer in the supermarket. This beautiful lady was full of surprises when she saw xian remove his mask. 

Fans were delighted to take a picture with Xian. They were all excited to see him. People are starting to get bigger when he started signing autographs and having photo-ops with xian. Good thing the big guys from the crowd control security are there to keep the event in order. 

Our friends from ABS-CBN conducting an interview with Xian. 

 a photo of the people at Shopwise wanting to get a chance to see Xian in the flesh. 

It was a long long day... but it was fun. =) Thanks to Je for making me a part of this event and also to Dondi for the support. Thanks guys! Hope to see you all once again. 


  1. It's good Xian u got a new gig, just hanging in there, you need to earned it much happier if you succed on your hard work, rather than be called a user, don't listen to those comments there just jealous of you, and one thing tough be careful with that Gerald Anderson and Kim chui, they play Hookie,before you know there together again, just watch don't get mislead by them, you don't have the money yet, be very careful, stay as humble as you are, you will get there big time.

  2. waah, i should've known Kuya Mac,sumama din sana ako.


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