Sunday, February 5, 2012

Long Busy Week

Sanika's pizza from S&R. Combination pizza. P99 per slice

What a long week. For the past 5 days im on overtime. Its not that I complain. Im actually thankful since im learning. The more shoots I have., the better. I really need to level up and practice more. Need to learn more about techniques on lighting, food styling and fiddling with exposure. I really want that  advance workshop from Laya Gerlock. He's just amazing when using strobes and lighting techniques. One of these days, I will definitely attend his workshop. 

Like I said, I was bombarded with a lot of indoor shoots. So many i even left one product to shoot at last friday. Im gonna finish that one on Monday. I actually posted my simple 1 light set-up from my previous post. That set-up works pretty well. Bouncing off light from the reflector gives that even distribution of light. The downside, it doesnt have that texture.. those shadows. Theres a little but not enough. I hope i could purchase a really nice product table, a good soft box and great strobes. Plus, i need a new tripod coz mine already broke. Its wrapped in tape just to hold the hinge. The wide angle lens is so heavy my tripod snapped and had a crack right on the hinge. Good thing my camera did not fell off. 

Photo above is a slice of S&R's delicious pizza. Its a big slice actually and it costs  P99 pesos. Seems expensive but for its price.,  its a good deal coz its damn so delicious. You got to try this one out. Im sure you'l love it. 

You can watch movies with your  thumb drive.  By this there are no skips & no jumps! 

Sir Garry gave me a visit and asked me to take photos of this really nice product from Philips. Its a portable DVD player. The good thing about this product is that its rechargeable, the screen can be twisted, and it can read USB memory sticks! Its better than playing dvd's since there are no moving objects therefore there are no skips. Viewing is just a breeze! 

 I love that tilting. swivel motion of the screen. It has this holster where you can use if you want to put it on your car's headrest. Perfect for those long drives. A good movie will never bore you down. Watch out for this deal real soon at Ensogo-Livingsocial . I heard it has a limited number of units to be sold and im sure this product will sold-out real fast. Its price? I think they will sell it for LESS than P4,000. Its actually a great bargain for a really good product. Watch out for it coz it will be launched next week - i think.  

Abby's Pocket Pitas. These are so good...

Abby prepared me lunch! Thats so sweet by the way. These are pocket pitas, stuffed with some bacon, ham and vegies. Surprisingly, these 2 slices are really heavy on the belly! It actually made me full for almost the whole day. The bacon and the ham are sauteed with knorr seasoning. Then slices of tomatoes, bell peppers are added onto the mix. Abby has the knack for these kind of stuff. She love to experiment different kinds of dishes which undeniably taste good. Not only that, its healthy too!  

Big Blue Teddy is no match with the master

We also have a new product to be launched real soon. Say hello to the biggest teddy bear i ever seen! This blue teddy bear stands 4 feet tall! Its so huge its already as big as a normal person. My officemates  asked me to take pictures  with big blue teddy and this photo with Edu tops it all. I just love this photo.  He looks like a serious hustler! 

Im actually afraid of stuff toys. Specially this bear. Kinda freaked me out. I dunno what am i gonna do if that bear move all by his own! I swear im gonna piss in my pants...

Simply addicting. Available at Apple store for free.

Stay away from this game. Its so addicting! Temple Run is one of my favorite apps on iPad. When i started playing this, I was instantly hooked! As of now, my highest score is at 279,000.  I heard Rayver Cruz, a local celebrity, scored 20 Million! and thats a long way to go... Im sure you will love this app as well. Its available for download for free! Go download it and start running!   

Good Times KTV at The Fort Strip. If you love videoke, this is the place to be.

I was editing this deal of ours and the photos that they provided seems to be low in quality. I asked my manager of we can do a photoshoot at their place and good thing it got approved. Goodtimes KTV is one of the best karaoke joints i ever seen. The place is huge! It has a great view of the Bonifacio Global City since its on top of the Fort Strip. 

The rooms are really clean. Its spacious. And it the place is well interior designed. The chairs and tables are really colorful and the design and wall colors are also outstanding. This not your hole in the wall KTV bars. The place is really good and it has this very inviting atmosphere. 

Goodtimes KTV is running on Ensogo-Livingsocial. Check out their great deal here

Chiffon Cake from Cake Avenue. 

J.R., one of our Merchant Consultants,  approached me and told me that Cake Avenue has something for us for photoshoot. Cake avenue is scheduled for a photoshoot way way back but we could not do so since the owner is always not available at the moment. Good thing they provided the cake. That way., we wont bother going to their bakeshop to take some photos. 

Anne helped me out with the shoot. Everytime theres a food photoshoot at the office, i always ask for her assistance since she worked hand in hand with Mark Floro. One of the best food photographers in the country., perhaps in the world! Anne helps me with the styling. Our new grphic artist - Craig also helped me out with the shoot. Anne and Craig both worked at Chowking before and they usually work on the graphics for food for the restaurant's collaterals. 

Baby Chino's Baptismal at Christ the King Church

Saturday. It was baby Chino's baptism at Christ the King. Chino is so cute.He has this  rosy cheeks..cute little hands. He's just adorable.  The ceremony is short and but solemn. After the baptism and taking photos of the guests, we went to Corinthian Gardens for the reception. 

The village is awesome. Huge houses, wide streets. Its a certified top notch community only the rich can afford.  Ived been to Cortinthians twice. I joined this basketball league with my buddies from the village - CYC Goats.. thats way back when im still fit and addicted to basketball. 

Reeception is at the clubhouse. Surprisingly there were a lot of guests who attended. They served some lechon.., chicken bbq, pasta in white sauce..,  roast beef., corn and carrots (my favorite) and chocolate cakes. I was so full actually. I just had a quick meal so i can take a lot of photos of the guests. I used 3 kinds of lenses in this event. I used my wide., my 50, and my telephoto. Good thing the event went really well. These people are really nice. They love my work and they even gave me a project to take pictures of their business. Im excited! Id like to thank Ms. Nancy and her family for being very hospitable. Im looking forward for this food project. 

Shadow, the shitzu from hell. haha. he looks like a mini pitbull. Disclaimer : He Bites

We had shadow shaved! The guys at the grooming station said that his hair cannot be combed anymore and shaving it all off is the only way to fix this problem. Shadow is a very stubborn dog. He actually bit one of the groomers. They placed a mask onto his snout just to be safe. Two guys handled him actually. A lot of work for this small dog. After 2 grueling hours, this is what he looks like. 

So there ya go. Those are some of my favorite photos for the week. Its been a long and exhausting week but its a good one. Thanks to my great team mates who works really hard to bring out the very best. I also want to thank Abby for being patient with me. Been acting like a real  jerk lately. I appreciate all the efforts and im sorry for acting like a big ass..
Thank you so much for being there... 

More photos next week! Thank you so much.

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