Friday, March 9, 2012

True Food Indian Cuisine, Boracay

Were craving for some Indian food and as we are walking near D'Mall, we saw this Indian Restaurant called True Food. I remembered when I had a photoshoot at Namaste Indian Restaurant at the Fort, they served this bread called Na'an and its good with curry sauce. It is leaven bread cooked in traditional Tandori ovens. I immediately ordered for that one and i just have to satisfy my inner cravings.    

Abby ordered some buttered chicken. This dish is really good! I love that curry like taste..its awesome.  I tried having it with Na'an and damn! Its so damn good! I actually ordered another piece of Na'an. 

We also ordered some Sri Lankan shrimps with tomatoes. Its also good! The shrimps are really tasty. It is also best partnered with Na'an.  

True Food is honestly, my favorite place among all the places that we dined in. With its humble interiors, their food is really good. Its nice sitting on their huge pillows! Very relaxing. Perfect after that stressful scorching day of swimming. I really recommend this place if you like spicy and indian food. Definitely a must try! 

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