Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Long Day at Work

Ever since I worked at Ensogo, I was surrounded with fun, energetic and loving people. No matter how stressful they are, they still wear a smile in their faces. Its time to give ourselves a reward. We went out for lunch. We need to feed ourselves something delicious. Something to keep us sane from working. We went to Serendra and scouted for places good to eat. We chose to eat at Mexicali. 

 Good thing i brought along my camera to take some snaps of the beautiful Bonifacio High Street. I can say, even if my work place is far away from home, its nice to work at BGC. The environment is really nice. Its clean and well maintained. Lot of places to eat. If you love to jog, there are a lot of beautiful parks with beautiful jogging paths to run. 

BGC is one of those "high end" places in Manila. People with money... people with a high stature in life most probably lives here...or maybe stays at their condo units for the week.. driving their lamborghini and their ferraris.. 

Arrived at Mexicali and took a photo of their delicious tacos. One of my favorites at Mexicali.  

 After that hearty lunch, we went back to the office to finish the day... saw this teddy bears ready to be packed. Such an unusual scene saying hundreds of bears with the same color, with the same size and like in one place... 

Again..we are all on overtime...and good thing Sir Jojo bought us some pizza. Thanks sir! 

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