Saturday, June 11, 2011

Back at St. Giles

Part 2 of my shoot at St. Giles Hotel in Makati. Although the 1st shoot is already a success for me, we are tasked to have another shoot with the food still intact and fresh (Last time was like chaos since people were starting to pour all over). This time, we have our first dibs on the buffet table.

These chocolate brownies are awesome! They are not too sweet. Its just perfect. I just love the way how they serve it. Simple and artistic! Yummy!

Salad bar is still virgin. Took this shot as soon as the dressing was placed. Those fresh greens are so tempting! Love the mix of colors.

Now this Ube something is really good! It already looks good in the pictures what more if your taste buds have a grasp of it! This is a personal favorite. I tell you., its a must try. sarap sobra.

Fresh fruits are already served. The papayas, pineapples and the watermelon slices are so delicious. Perfect for that hot steamy weather outside.

Because we're on a hurry., i havent tasted this and it will be a mystery to me until my next visit to St. Giles. How i wish i could go back there. Well why not?! We have a deal at Ensogo and its very affordable. I do believe its running now. Thanks to the staff of St. Giles Hotel. Thanks for taking care of us. You guys are the best!

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